2021-12-06 HEALTH CANADA DOUBLES Safety Code 6 FOR 5G

One item only tonight, one that will affect all of us and every living thing around us. This is from Marg Friesen.

Health Canada has followed ICNIRP’s lead and has doubled the allowable limits of RF for milliwave frequencies that are or will be used by 5G devices and antennas. Frank Clegg’s Environmental Petition provides all the background, describing the pure negligence of Health Canada in making this outrageous increase to what was already one of the worst “safety” guidelines in the world, one based solely on heating while deliberately ignoring any non-thermal health effects.

“After Health Canada posted on its website a “Notice” that it had doubled the safety limits for 5G millimetre frequencies (6 GHz to 300 GHz), Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology, submitted an Auditor General Environmental Environmental Petition asking some questions.”

Shame on Health Canada!
– https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/the-secret-inside-your-phone-by-wendy-mesley-cbc-marketplace-march-24-2017/

The “Notice” can be found at:


The full petition and the Government of Canada’s responses (Ministries of Health Canada, Environment and Climate Change and Innovation Science and Economic Development ) can be read at:

Click to access 5G_Petition_and_Government_Response.pdf


There is a complementary report with an analysis of the scientific evidence. The Executive Summary can be found on the Health Canada website but there is no link to the report. What the summary does not state, but is included in the report on page 32:

“No human studies were identified that assessed endpoints such as cancer, ocular effects, reproductive system effects, cognitive effects, impacts on the immune system, non-specific symptoms or any other health outcomes in response to exposure to RFEMF in the 6-300 GHz frequency range”.

All of the cell/tissue studies were excluded from the systematic review at the onset and eventually, all of the animal studies showing harm were excluded except the ones where temperature and heat sensation were studied.

Of the 10 human-heat studies deemed scientifically acceptable, none were longer than 30 minutes. (Yet these limits are supposed to be protective for continuous 24/7 exposures).

Health Canada’s Full Analysis report – for the assessment of non-thermal effects, see Section 4, page 27.

Analysis of recommended localized human exposure limits for radiofrequency fields in the frequency range, 6 GHz to 300 GHz

Click to access Health_Canada_Analysis_of_Recommendations_above_6GHz.pdf



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