2021-11-22 3G devices being shut down

1) Some devices that are only 5 years or so old will have to be replaced. Great system for the telecoms — upgrade systems which requires all new equipment. Smeters, like iPhones, are computers and computers have very sort lifespans. A constant profit source for the industry.

Telecoms Plan “Staggered Shutdown” of 3G Networks and Devices Despite Opposition and Warnings

“As companies need to free up transmission frequencies for 5G networks, their 3G networks will be shut down. Major 3G networks will be phased out at different points in 2022 depending on the service provider….

Verizon plans to shut its network by Dec. 31, 2022, and has published a list of affected models and services on its website. A company executive estimated that fewer than 1 percent of its customers nationwide still access its 3G network. Some of the phone models its website lists as being 3G are the Samsung Galaxy S4 or earlier and the Apple iPhone 5 series or older…

Consumers should call their service provider for medical alert devices, home security systems and other services to make sure they will still operate.”



2) More devices that should not be on Santa’s list, probably for many reasons, but privacy is a major one.

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“Privacy-Crushing” Connected Device List Identifies 47 Products with “problematic privacy practices”

“Bad Santa: Amazon, Facebook top Mozilla’s naughty list of privacy-crushing gifts

Mozilla researchers spent over 950 hours examining 151 popular connected gifts, identifying 47 that had what they called “problematic privacy practices.”


3) A (USA) Thanksgiving newsletter by Patricia Burke covering a wide range of topics from 5G to the underwater IoT.

EMF/RF/5G Thanksgiving; Addressing Past Colonization, Our Militarized Present, And The Future Underwater Internet Of Things, Part 1 Of 3

“The people of Guam have already seen a carbon capture redline forest destroyed to build a live ammunition firing range over the island’s drinking water aquifer. Coral reefs have been dredged. Whales and dolphins will be maimed and killed….

At the same time, Americans are being gas-lighted into believing that policy decisions about smart meters, time of use billing, smart grids and industrialized “clean energy” are needed because the country is focused on protecting against “climate concerns.” (See Bright Green Lies)

Many of the people of the world want peace…. and do not support the colonial, militarized reach of the United States or the co-opting of the environmental movement. They do not support the mistreatment of indigenous peoples, anywhere on the planet. And they do not support 5G.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”     John F. Kennedy



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