2021-11-20 5G interference with aviation called a “public spat”

1) Delaying the rollout of 5G until the issue of interference with aircraft can be addressed is being seen by industry as “a public spat” that is inconveniencing the spread of 5G. Apparently, profit should not be interfered with even if our lives are at risk.

The FCC, FAA, And The Costly Delay Of American 5G Technology

” What looked like a long-awaited U.S. infrastructure success story may have to wait until after Christmas to see how the last chapter ends. At long last, U.S. telecom companies are in the midst of rolling out 5G cellular networks for their customers; unfortunately, they have also run into a bureaucratic brick wall – a public spat between two federal agencies….

While the 5G network rollout was supposed to happen in December, the FAA lodged a last-minute objection to this plan, claiming it had found evidence that 5G services could potentially interfere with the functioning of airplane altimeters, which use an adjacent spectrum. The last-minute objection is perplexing, given that the FCC—and not the FAA—is the agency with jurisdiction over telecommunications issues (not to mention the expertise to discern such things).


2) The industry keeps sending stuff, asking for us to include it on our website, obviously misunderstanding what we are about. I’m sharing this industry advertisement because it does provide a pretty clear and simple description of 5G, how the infrastructure works, and very few of the many problems. This would be good to share with someone who would like to learn more of the basics of 5G.

Everything You Need To Know About 5G


3) Our tax dollars are being used to help finance a private satellite company, for “fiber-like” internet via 298 satellites.

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Canadian satellite broadband company Telesat debuts on the Nasdaq, adding another space pure play

“Canadian satellite communications company Telesat went public Friday on the Nasdaq, bringing another space pure-play stock to the market….

Telesat’s core growth project is the low Earth orbit broadband satellite network it’s building, called Lightspeed. Unlike the consumer focus of SpaceX’s Starlink constellation, Telesat plans to use its 298 Lightspeed satellites to provide high-speed fiber-like internet to business-to-business, or enterprise, customers around the world.

Telesat has lined up more than $3 billion in financing for Lightspeed so far, including a $1.1 billion investment from the Canadian government. The company will raise the remaining needed funding from export credit agencies, Goldberg said, with Telesat “in the process of finishing those discussions.””




From Dr. Magda Havas. More on this project at:


BRAG City Update

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the long delay in writing to all of you. The data keep rolling in and I want to thank all of you who are still contributing to the BRAG City project. There is little new to report and so I have decided that we do not need a ZOOM meeting yet. Please check the map at  https://globalemf.net/  and make certain we have your data at the correct location.

Our aim for the BRAG City project was to try to get radio frequency readings for 1000 cities from around the world. We are about 1/3 on our way to that goal but have many more cities to add and we need more countries to include as well. I know monitoring is difficult in some locations particular because of lockdowns and other rules people need to follow. However, if you are visiting another city or country, please take your Safe & Sound meter with you and a few sheets for your clipboard and help us meet our target. To be realistic it would be good if we could get data for 500 cities by April 2022, which is the anniversary of this project. At that time I will have evaluated all the data for multiple readings at the same location and will provide time trends.

In the meantime I have another project for those of you who would like to participate. I will announce that project in the next newsletter, so keep your eyes open and do check your “junk” mail in case it accidentally landed there instead of in your email box.

The 2nd BRAG project is called: 6–30–24. Can any of you guess what this stands for? I’ll share that information with you in the next newsletter.

Until then …



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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