2021-11-15 Telecoms using Tobacco tactics

1) Dr. Devra Davis calls the Telecoms the Tobacco industry of the 21st century or worse. We can choose to not smoke or to allow smoking in our homes. We cannot choose not to have cell tower generated radiation in and through them. It has become impossible to escape these toxic emissions. Dr. Davis identifies the digital divide as something that must be bridged by use of safe, secure, and fast broadband because the consequences, especially for children, are drastic.

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The Telecoms— Out Of The Playbook of The Tobacco Industry

“This cozy revolving door between the chiefs of telecom industry and the agency led a Harvard University study to deem the FCC a “captured agency.” Of course, the tobacco and asbestos industries wrote the first playbooks on manipulating government actions and public understandings of its dangers. Using third parties such as the innocently named Center for Indoor Air Pollution, as well as law firms to recruit scientific experts, tobacco influencers set the terms for public understanding of any dangers for decades. Campaigns to undermine evidence of the heart-damaging impacts of passive smoke persisted until quite recently.

It is little exaggeration to argue that the telecom industry makes tobacco look like amateurs. With an eye to hyping doubt, telecom PR mavens have cast aspersions on the multimillion-dollar flagship government study finding clear evidence of cancer and DNA damage in animals exposed to cell phone radiation….

Within the massive funding bills caroming about Capitol Hill are billions of dollars touted as funding to bridge the digital divide. To bridge the digital divide safely, we need a science-based federal action plan regarding how to identify and reduce the health and environmental effects of wireless radiation.”


2) A reminder of a webinar from Americans for Responsible Technology which will cover many things that we have tried to confront and expose in our battle against smeters. This may offer some legal options we have not considered — remember, FortisBC currently has an application before the BCUC for a “smart” gas meter.

“Americans for Responsible Technology/Broadband International Legal Action Network Webinar Series

Wednesday November 17, 2021 Webinar:

Confronting the Health Risks of Smart Meters —
Technical, Medical, Legal and Policy Challenges
10 am – 11:30 am Pacific, 1 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern

The ubiquitous installation of smart meters raises serious legal and policy concerns over false claims, RFR/EMF exposure, privacy, surveillance, hacking, national security, disability, consumer choice, energy inefficiency, and fire. This webinar will assess the public’s legal rights and remedies and offer a balanced path forward for policy makers.”


3) On a personal note, in Victoria we’ve had torrential rains over the weekend, after a week of rain off and on. Today (Monday) the rain caused flooding, then very strong winds followed. We were without power for several hours. After a couple of hours, my neighbour told me her cell phone had only one bar and her landline (which is a Shaw digital one) was dead. She was worried about what would happen if the power didn’t come on soon and she needed help. She recently had a hip replaced and was worried that she could fall and couldn’t call for help. The world of the future, I fear.

4) Some good info to share with friends and family who might be thinking about getting wireless gadgets or “wearables” for Christmas gifts. Lots of good links at the end.


Things to Consider Before You Buy Wireless Wearables for Yourself or Loved Ones

“Wireless wearables (activity trackers/watches, earbuds, hearing aids, rings, VR headsets, etc.) have been associated with

  • Cyberattacks
  • Fires, explosions, overheating (see 12)-
  • Health complaints (rashes, electric shock, other undesirable symptoms) (see 12345)
  • Health monitoring / Invasion of Privacy (see 1234)
  • High Levels of Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Interference with medical implants (cardio defibrillators, pacemakers, etc.) (see 12)



Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”    Benjamin Franklin



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