2021-11-09 Telus’s fiber conversion boxes

1) New LED lights are being installed by BC Hydro and we do not know if there are transmitters in them. I don’t know if the lights in Israel are similar to those BC Hydro is using, but it does appear that these have transmitters that emit high levels of RF at night, when people are most vulnerable, trying to sleep and their bodies are trying to heal from the previous day’s activities. These measurements appear to have been taken by an amateur, like us, but could at least identify the existence of the problem.

We need to get more info about the lights being used here in BC, and will share any I get.

Radio Frequency Radiation emitted from wireless street light poles – 10-2021 ISRAEL

“Wireless street light poles started to be deployed in Israel around 2019. They are usually installed on a pole (high or low). On top of the new LED lights, there is a small “hat” which is the wireless transmitter….

Next to the transmitter, during the night when the lights were ON, high RFR levels were measured (higher than 1500mW/m2). Much higher than the background levels during the day and night. Based on the levels during the day, and in between pulses, It was obvious that the source is the transmitter.

A clear pattern of the transmission was not clear, but I could say that there are about 3-5 seconds with pulses every 10 seconds. It seems like the transmitted is emitting RFR for 1-2 seconds and then resting for a few seconds.”


2) I am hearing that Telus is beginning their elimination of copper line service to homes in various parts of BC. Here is a repeat of info I gave a few months ago about the converter boxes that Telus is using. I was told we would have an option to have ones where the Wi-Fi can be disabled. How it is disabled I don’t know but I’m sure some very knowledgeable member will let us know. As well, I’m hoping that someone with a good EMF meter will measure the DE on the lines after the conversion from optical to electrical. I am still searching for answers about a filter.

The fiber converters will be either Nokia or Alcatel, These are the models: I-240G-B, G-240G-A, I240, Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ONT G-010S-A, Huawei HG8240S and Huawei HG8240u. I was told that all of the converters will be capable of connecting to the home wires except for the small form-factor ONT.

1. Alcatel I-241G-B     47-870 MHz                           http://www.goamt.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/7342_ISAM_ONT_I-241G-B_AMT.pdf

2. Alcatel G-240G-A                                                             https://www.goamt.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/7368_ISAM_ONT_G-240G-A_AMT.pdf

3. Alcatel I-240                                                                                           https://openwrt.org/toh/alcatel-lucent/i-240#alcatel-lucent_i-240

4. Huawei HG8240S https://support.huawei.com/enterprise/en/optical-access/echolife-hg8240s-pid-7258433                                   or  https://www.ycict.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2019/06/Huawei-HG8240-FTTH.pdf

5. Huawei HG8240u                                                                                      https://router-switch.com/pdf/hg8240u-datasheet.pdf

3) There are at least 2 major environmental law firms in Canada: CELA and Ecojustice. Both have been involved with major court decisions regarding pollution and other major environmental issues. Never have I seen anything in either of their newsletters or on their websites about the amount of energy that wireless telecoms require, and that 5G will require many times more energy that even 4G. If any of you are donors, as I am, I suggest we write them about this issue, provide some of the many articles and studies documenting this, and ask for them to target wireless as one of the major threats to climate change and our environment.

CELA sent the following about their involvement with amendments to CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act).

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that we really are all in this together. The pandemic has underscored our basic human connectedness but also the distinctly unequal impact of our decisions, actions, and public policy.

As someone who is passionate about the environment and a CELA supporter, you understand the interconnection of issues such as climate change, pollution, and resource extraction with human health and environmental justice. 150 countries around the globe recognize the right to a healthy environment, and it’s time for Canada to join them. You can help by acting now.


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Ecojustice is a very large non-profit legal organization.

“We go to court to defend nature, combat climate change and fight for your right to a healthy environment.




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