2021-11-05 Telus says copper lines soon extinct

1) The official kick-off of the Connected Coast Construction occurred on Nov. 1. It is the time right now to engage with your local municipal councils and regional districts to educate them about developing a network that is community-owned with full control over the internet, with fiber optic cable going into homes for the best access possible.

Connected Coast Construction Phase Officially Begin

“Today, joint venture partners Strathcona Regional District and CityWest, on behalf of their partners in the federal and provincial governments, are happy to announce that the construction phase of the Connected Coast project has officially begun…

The subsea fibre cable will run over 3,400 kilometres along the coast of B.C., including a link to Haida Gwaii and all around Vancouver Island – one of the longest coastal subsea networks in the world. It will be laid in an environmentally-friendly manner on the ocean floor. The fibre itself, which is protected by steel-strength members and a tough outer sheath to ensure it’s not damaged, consists of glass strands about as thick as a strand of human hair. When it’s operational, hundreds of gigabits of data will stream through it every second.”

Connected Coast Construction Phase Officially Begins


2) The third in a series of newsletters by Arthur Firstenberg.


Part Three: Cell Phones Are Not Here to Stay

“These past couple of months I’ve noticed 5 bumblebees now on our flowers that have appeared paralyzed to me. We unfortunately have Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband very close to our home, which is only available outside, and I think they are being impacted by that. We brought 4 of them into our house, each at different times, and 3 of the 4 revived within about 5 minutes, so I then released them back outside. The 4th one took a little over an hour to revive before it was able to fly off.”

From Greece: “In conclusion, cell towers in general have diminished the number of insects and pollinators in this area, along with bird numbers and wildlife generally. The new 5G cell tower has had a devastating effect in a very short time, but it is impossible to know the full consequences until next spring at the earliest.”

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3) In this 3rd quarter report, Telus includes confirmation that the copper network soon will be completely gone, replaced by “pure fiber” which Telus hopes will mean wireless within the home, with fiber to the home but not into. With the expansion of 5G, might the fiber eventually stop at the pole? We still have no answers about the replacement of 911 service. How will help be called when there is a power outage and no phone service is available??? This is a security and safety issue that no one seems to be addressing. I hope everyone will take this to their MPs and demand answers now before we all lose our copper-based phone service. We also don’t know how to prevent DE from the conversion from optical to electric signals. Sensitive people likely will suffer greatly.

TELUS reports operational and financial results for third quarter 2021

“During the quarter, our team continued to execute on our accelerated broadband build, connecting more homes and businesses directly to our leading TELUS PureFibre service and expanding our 5G network to 64 per cent of the Canadian population, and to be enhanced with the deployment of 3500MHz in the months ahead…… Furthermore, we continue to actively migrate copper customers to our PureFibre network, leading to a three percentage point decline in our copper subscriber base within our fibre footprint. As we move towards completing our copper-to-fibre migration program, we will see the benefits to our margin and cash flow profile through meaningful cost structure efficiencies and, over the longer term, real estate rationalization opportunities.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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