2021-11-03 2nd generation smeters in EU

1) In the EU, half of the homes and businesses have been smetered and the rest are being targeted. But, even though these smeters have not been in place all that long, the existing ones are being replaced with 2nd generation smeters. As many of us told the government and BCUC — this is a never-ending profit-making enterprise for the smeter makers and installers.

And for homeowners, the base’s integrity is being threatened with each replacement because if damage is done or the lugs holding the meter into the base are loosened, fires will occur. I am sure that replacements are happening in BC, too, because it’s been about 10 years since the first smeters were installed. Lifespans are shorter than that, plus BC Hydro will want the next generation, too. I wonder if these have been designed to work better with the 5G grid to enhance data collecting and sharing?

Despite Risks, Warnings, and Opposition, Over Half of All Electric Meters in Europe are “Smart”

“At the end 2020, the EU27+3 region was home to nearly 150 million smart electricity meters, corresponding to a penetration rate of 49 percent. Growing at a robust CAGR of 7.2 percent, the installed base is expected to exceed 227 million units in 2026. The European smart gas metering market will meanwhile increase its installed base of devices from 39 million units in 2020 to just over 70 million in 2026.

The composition of annual smart electricity shipment volumes is expected to change significantly over the coming years as rollouts in many markets in Western and Northern Europe are now either well-advanced or largely completed. One major growth area that will spread across Europe in the coming years is second-generation smart metering deployments.

“In fact, replacements of first-generation smart metering equipment are expected to account for nearly a third of the cumulative device shipments until 2026” …

Another major ongoing change is related to the communications technologies being used for data exchange with the utility back office.



UK (video 11:34) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQkAt1qYhOA

2) We need to learn about “$mart” water meters because this will be the next emitter our utility companies will force us to accept. As with BC Hydro’s electric smeters, and FortisBC gas smeters, we have been told a pack of untruths: that the existing meters must be replaced; that the RF being emitted is very safe; there will be only a few signals each day; that costs will be less; etc.

Sebastopol: Rethink smart water meters

“Sebastopol is using similar propaganda as PG&E used to promote smart meters, for example: existing meters are inaccurate; smart meters only transmit 4X a day; smart meters are green/necessary to reduce climate change; and smart meters save energy.”


“Smart” Water Meters – https://emrabc.ca/?page_id=2695


3) New military weapons are being developed that will use high powered microwaves to destroy drones. What about things like birds, people, trees that are collateral damage?

This Armored Drone Killer Could Cook Enemy Swarms Out of the Sky

“Two U.S.-based defense contractors are working on what could be the most promising solution to the problem of drone swarms yet. The two, General Dynamics and Epirus, Inc., are teaming up to place a high powered microwave cannon on an armored vehicle used by the U.S. Army. The result could be a weapon capable of tackling drone swarms and disabling vehicles on land and at sea, but the big question is how it would affect human beings.”


(video 03:54) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZcT4KKJHRs


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”     R. Buckminster Fuller



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