2021-10-23 AT&T partnering with US military re. 5G data

1) In response to the item in last night’s update

see 3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-10-22-hydros-application-for-led-street-lights-are-they-smart/,

a member reports that LED street lights replaced the older lights in Chemainus this past summer. Odd, if the Application is still in process as it says on the website. I have asked the member if he has an RF meter to see if he can detect any emissions.

2) We know that a major purpose for 5G is to gather data from billions of devices connected via the IoT to the cloud.  AT&T is partnering with the Dept. of Defense in the USA, gathering and sharing data: “.. having untethered access to data, information, applications, cloud…” This is the goal of this partnership. Read this 18 page brochure by clicking on the right-hand edge of each page.

The future of 5G technology for Defense

“The fifth generation of wireless networks and technologies is predicted to usher in major advances in data speed, volume and latency over current 4G and LTE networks — setting the stage for sweeping transformations across nearly every industry.

Learn how AT&T Public Sector is working with the Department of Defense on 5G initiatives today that will change the future of warfighter capabilities and DOD operations.”


3) Downtown Ottawa has become a test site where technology is being developed to irradiate more people with 5G mmwaves without adding more transmitters. Real Canadian innovation.

CRC and City of Ottawa 5G Test Site

(video 1:52 min.)

4) Technology, even wired devices, have relatively short lifespans and need to be replaced. E-waste has become a major environmental problem and here is some good information about how to reduce waste and how to recycle.

(click on photo to enlarge)


The Most Important Things You Should Know About Recycling Electronics

“Electronic waste or e-waste is produced when electrical or electronic devices are discarded. Specific examples of such devices include television appliances, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Estimates indicate that Americans discard ove$55 billion in e-waste annually, and only about 17.4% of the world’s e-waste was recycled in 2019. These discarded devices need to be replaced, and it takes massive amounts of water, chemicals, and fossil fuels to produce new ones. We could save such resources if we had a coordinated way of recycling electronic devices….

Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, indium, lithium, cobalt, copper, aluminum—these are all minerals mined out of the earth to produce electronic devices. If they wind up in a landfill or an unprotected waste facility instead of a recycling facility, these metals can ultimately end up in the water supply.

Aside from avoiding toxic elements, it is important to recycle used products and materials tconserve energy.  Also, we should bear in mind that all the electronic items that end up in landfills could have been used for something else.”



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