2021-10-15 FortisBC’s commitment to “safety” and honesty

1) For decades, researchers have provided evidence that RF is potentially damaging to many biological systems, for both humans and animals, including insects. But until fairly recently, some studies were blocked from being published. Why? Money? Influence from the industry? And, in many ways, this evidence is still being blocked by FCC and, in Canada, by Health Canada. Reading their websites one would feel confident that there is no problem and certainly no credible evidence that using a cell phone or sitting by a Wi-Fi modem could be worth worrying about.

Classified: how the CIA blocked research showing EMF health hazards

Click to access WDDTY-EMF-HealthHazardsJan2021.pdf


2) Letter #30 in the series of articles by Katie Singer and Miguel Coma. This one by Katie addresses the proliferation of 5G transmitters with limited or no municipal oversight or regulation. Who is responsible to ensure that these things are truly safe? All of our City Councils should be asked the same questions.

Who decides whether or not 5G is safe to deploy? A protocol for ensuring safer infrastructure

“Today, if my city attorney announced that “we trust the telecom companies” regarding cell site installations, I would politely repeat, “Show us the documentation. Show us the professional engineer’s certified report that all hazards have been evaluated and mitigated. Your decision could imperil your constituents’ life, health and property. Show us the PE’s sealed report that proves this equipment’s safety.””


3) In Massachusetts, a local opinion piece author believes that a Health Board, responding to complaints by residents since a cell tower was erected, is setting a bad precedent. Better to let people suffer health effects. I just thought it’s interesting to see how some people think and the false information given, e.g. the NTP said the cell towers and RF are just fine. This probably was written by the editor or publisher who, obviously, doesn’t want to be confused by the science or truth. I hope that people in Mass. thank the Health Board and take the author to task.

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Our Opinion: Pittsfield Health Board sets troubling precedent by asking Verizon to move tower

“In appeasing some Pittsfield residents who dislike a nearby cellphone tower, the Board of Health has set a poor precedent for future infrastructure projects that attract controversy.

City health officials recently told opponents of the communications structure located off South Street that they have asked Verizon representatives to remove or relocate the already-built tower. It’s the latest development in a spat that has stretched on since before the tower was initially proposed, far before it was built last July. After its construction, some who had previously opposed its nearby siting began registering health complaints, claiming they were caused by the tower’s radiation.”


4) FortisBC promises that they will operate safely, for the sake of the environment, their employees and the public. We need to hold them to it. I am still not positive about the email contacts because I have not yet sent one to see if it bounces back or is received. But here are some of the people to whom I believe we should write. I intend to write a letter to these people, giving them full information about Exponent and Wm. Bailey whom they are paying to mislead BCUC and their customers.

President and CEO, Roger Dall’Antonia

Vice President, Customer Service and Information Systems, Dawn Mehrer

Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Monic Pratch



Here is their corporate statement of which we should remind them.

Safety and Environmental Policy


FortisBC’s vision is to ensure that our employees return home safely every single day.

FortisBC recognizes that sound safety and environmental practices make good business sense. Employees are expected to work safely and to protect their health—along with the health and safety of others—and the natural environment during the course of their work, by following established policies, rules, and procedures. The company will not compromise employee and public safety, and strives for excellence in safety performance.

The company is committed to delivering safe, reliable energy in an environmentally responsible manner to all of the communities that we serve….

. communicate openly with employees, the general public and all stakeholders about our activities and the potential impacts on our safety and environment.


Please see below the info about the current Fortis application that is before the BCUC. One of the lead interveners prepared this and asked me to include in multiple updates. Many people are just learning about this, so please share with friends and families. I will have this in the next few updates for those who might have missed before.

1. To register as Interested Party (there is no deadline) to become and stay informed::

Register as an Interested Party to receive email notifications when public information is posted during a BCUC proceeding. You will receive immediate automated electronic notifications when information is posted to the BCUC’s proceeding page.

Under Proceeding name: choose/ click on FEI CPCN for the AMI Project (AMI: Advanced Metering Infrastructure, a distracting description of a project that involves microwave radiation, which is associated with negative biological effects to humans and environment)

2. And also PLEASE PLEASE ask that they send comments under:

Submit a Letter of Comment to share your views, opinions, and insights about an application or matter under review by the BCUC. Letters of Comment become part of the public evidentiary record and are reviewed by a BCUC panel before it makes its final decision.

(Again, under Proceeding name: readers must choose/ click on FEI CPCN for the AMI Project.)

I hope and wish VERY VERY much that all your readers do so in both cases, registering as Interested Party and sending Letters of Comment.

They cannot ask for questions to be answered by BCUC or FortisBC; however, they can send rhetorical questions!!!!

FortisBC Energy Inc. (FEI) Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for Approval of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project


In other words:

FortisBC is applying to replace over 1.1 million analog natural gas meter with microwave radiation(EMR) emitting smart meters in all of BC. EMR has been independently peer-reviewed-proven to be associated with negative biological effects in humans and the environment.

Again, please send this reminder daily at the bottom, it can very well be that your readers skip to read some/many of your updates for whatever reasons.

Also, they should send Letters of Comment a few times, if they can think of more comments as time progresses, with info supplied to them as registered Interested Party.

Please remember that silence is taken as agreement. If you don’t want another smart meter on your home, please let BCUC know.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”   William Shakespeare




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