2021-09-14 US legal actions against schools re. WiFi

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1) Reminder for an important webinar on Wed. 10 AM PT by Americans for Responsible Technology.

Legal Ethics in the Wireless Age: Time for Change?
Wednesday, September 15, 10:00 am PDT


2) Here in BC, school boards are responsible for allowing Wi-Fi to replace fiber optic cable in schools. Some Trustees have been given the opportunity to meet with experts on EMF, and have refused. Some have refused to accept scientific information that would educate them about the health risk being posed to children and teachers. Might they be held responsible for this negligence when a child becomes ill, has headaches, nosebleeds, palpitations, etc. when at school but is fine when removed from powerful Wi-Fi modems?

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Legal Claims Against Schools in re Wi-Fi / Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure To Students And Staff Are Increasing

The ABCs of EHS: What Schools Need to Know About Wi-Fi Sensitivity Claims

“At least one court, however, has found that EHS can be a disability and ruled against an educational institution. Earlier this year, in fact, a California court held that a EHS was a protected disability in a case filed against a school. A teacher brought a failure to accommodate disability claim against the school district based on an alleged EHS diagnosis. In 2015, the district installed a Wi-Fi system in the school where the teacher taught. She attributed her chronic headaches, nausea, burning sensations to her skin, shortness of breath, and fatigue to the newly installed Wi-Fi system, and was diagnosed by her doctor with EHS.

The school sought to dismiss her claim arguing that EHS was not a protected disability under the ADA. The California Court of Appeal held that the California Fair Employment and Housing Act more broadly defines the term “disability,” and as such ruled that the teacher adequately pled her physical disability. By allowing her claim to proceed, the court could be sending a signal to schools in California – and across the country – that Wi-Fi Sensitivity is a matter for you to begin taking seriously.”


3) Free virtual seminar hosted by Nicolas Pineault, Sept. 30-Oct 3. Some very interesting topics and presenters.

Get Proven Solutions to Protect Your Health and Family From the Dangerous Effects of 5G, EMFs and Electropollution


4) The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) is an association of scientists and other researchers who are devoted to investigating the biological effects of EMF on humans, animals and our environment. This group has established an amazing library of studies and reports, freely available on its website:


Dr. McCredden, the president of ORSAA, sent a letter and vital information to the Qualicum Beach City Council, hoping to help them make a wise, informed decision regarding the cell tower that so many in that community have been fighting. Dr. McCredden’s letter is below, and the attachments she provided are at these links. She has agreed to allow me to share and hopes that everyone will use this information and any other information on the ORSAA website to educate people, especially politicians whether local, provincial or federal. Please share widely.

5G Wireless Deployment and Health Risks: Time for a Medical Discussion in Australia and New Zealand:

Click to access bandara_et_al_acnem_journal_july_2020.pdf


Statement regarding harmful biological effects of communication radiofrequencies:

Click to access statemenbt_of_harm_march_2021-orsaa.pdf


Important information for Councils regarding 5G:

Click to access orsaa_letter_to_councils.pdf


5) The “Havana” Syndrome is nothing new and has been experienced by hundreds of people in many countries over the last 40 years or more. Much of the information has been kept from the public as well as its victims. The symptoms are very similar to those suffered by those who are sensitive. The US, as well as other countries, have been interested in using microwaves as weapons….

‘Havana syndrome ’ and the mystery of the microwaves

“Since its emergence around World War Two, there had been reports of people being able to hear something when a nearby radar was switched on and began sending microwaves into the sky. This was even though there was no external noise. In 1961, a paper by Dr Allen Frey argued the sounds were caused by microwaves interacting with the nervous system, leading to the term the “Frey Effect”. But the exact causes – and implications – remained unclear….

The report also reveals that the US was concerned Soviet microwaves could be used to impair brain function or induce sounds for psychological effect. “Their internal sound perception research has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behaviour patterns of military or diplomatic personnel.” ,,,

The  country’s interest in weaponising microwaves extended beyond the end of the Cold War. Reports say from the 1990s, the US Air Force had a project codenamed “Hello” to see if microwaves could create disturbing sounds in people’s heads, one called “Goodbye” to test their use for crowd control, and one codenamed “Goodnight” to see if they could be used to kill people. Reports from a decade ago suggested these had not proved successful.”




From: Julie McCredden

Sent: September 9, 2021

To: bwiese ; askipsey ; twestbroek ; rfilmer ; sharrison ; dsailland

Cc: info

Subject: scientific support regarding harm from radiofrequency emissions

Dear Mayor Brian Wiese and Councillors of Qualicum Beach Council,

This email is in response to a request for scientific support from Vancouver Island residents who are concerned about the construction of a TELUS tower at the the tourist/retirement village of Qualicum Beach, close to a school, several day-care centers, a church, and many homes. We (the the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association in Australia) are writing to inform you that a large volume of scientific evidence exists to show that these people’s concerns are well-founded. The overall evidence points to great risk of harm from telco tower emissions, especially for children.

Councillors can be overwhelmed by the technicalities of the underlying issues involved in radio frequency and health effects. Unfortunately, Wikipedia, government regulator and international bodies make statements that are heavily influenced by industry, so they cannot be relied upon as useful sources of information on this matter. Similar to the smoking lobby, the Telco industry is relying on people feeling confused, so that they will then leave it to the industry-linked experts to decide.

In order to assist with rational and unbiased decision making, ORSAA has created a brief statement for councils, written in clear language and providing a summary of the overall issues. This summary is based on the science that ORSAA has collected and collated on the topic of electromagnetic fields, biological effects, and human and planetary health. Please find this letter attached.

Also attached (see links in #4 above) is ORSAA’s more in-depth overview of the biological and health effects sent to the European Union, including DNA damage and cancer, damage to cells, reproduction, the brain and behavioural effects. Also attached is our publication bringing these issues to the attention of medical health.

A recent review funded by the European Parliament showed clear evidence of cancer associated with current wireless technologies. This report and others state that there is uncertainty regarding the use of higher frequencies that will be used for the 5G rollout. To clarify, this statement does not mean there are no effects (as industry tries to make out). Rather, it means that the research has not been done to allow scientists to ascertain the risk. For example, while there is some evidence suggesting harm for plants and animals, the understanding is only preliminary.

In such cases of uncertainty as to the risk to human and planetary well-being, the ethical choice is Precaution. Decision makers would normally ask for the research to be done before giving consent. Please do take the time to time to read the attached brief documents and contact us for further information.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Julie McCredden PhD (ORSAA President) www.orsaa.org

10th Sep 21


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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