2021-09-10 Microwave Injured Veterans Network

1) Sorry that I misled you about signing the California petition in last night’s update. I should have tried to sign before sending it out. The petition wouldn’t accept Canadian addresses but if any of you spend a lot of time in the US, you could give that address.

2) An excellent interview with Frank Clegg that I hope you’ll watch, “like” and share with your friends and family. The election is soon, and it will take just a few minutes

How to get your Election Candidates to better protect you from wireless radiation: Interview with Frank Clegg CEO of C4ST and former President of Microsoft Canada

“We have just posted an interview I did with Rodney Palmer. https://www.facebook.com/C4ST.ORG

Interview by: Rodney Palmer 20 year Canadian journalism veteran, former CTV foreign correspondent, CBC investigative reporter interviews Frank Clegg CEO of Canadians for safe technology.

For more info visit: https://c4st.org/candidateswhocare/

https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=592459941760173                   (30 min. YouTube)

3) ICNIRP is basically a club of like-minded industry-friendly people who have become able to be regarded as THE WORD on EMF for many governments and agencies such as the FCC and Health Canada. ICNIRP is why Safety Code 6 acknowledges heating as the only health hazard and why we have no guideline that protects us and the environment from the effects of microwave radiation from wireless devices.

5G is testing the limits of trust

“ICNIRP safety guidelines are what they say, just guidelines. No one is legally bound to use them. This means that even if the guidelines were proven to be in error, nobody could legally sue ICNIRP for this error.

The telecom industry and the national radiation protection organizations, however, in choosing to use ICNIRP safety guidelines, becomes legally responsible for any health hazard caused by the radiation-emitting devices they produce, even if they comply with the ICNIRP guidelines. Once the telecom and the national radiation protection organizations accept and use ICNIRP safety guidelines, it is they, and not ICNIRP, that has legal responsibility should the devices ever be shown to cause health harm.

In short, ICNIRP members are responsible only before ‘God and History’ for whatever right or wrong decisions ICNIRP may make.

To understand the significance of this complete lack of oversight or control of ICNIRP activities, it is necessary to remember that the safety guidelines developed by ICNIRP are the sole guidance used by the industry that manufactures and operates wireless communication hardware and infrastructure throughout most of the world.

In essence, ICNIRP safety guidelines justify the workings of the telecom industry, which, in 2019, had an annual worth, globally, of about 1.74 trillion US$ – ICNIRP, the organization that claims total independence from any outside interests, that acts without any external control or oversight, and that is not responsible to anyone for their scientific decisions….

However, interestingly and worryingly, ICNIRP Chairman Rodney Croft, Professor of Psychology at the University of Wollongong in Australia, has recently stated in an interview with “The Feed” on Australian TV on June 16, 2020:

“There is no harm associated with 5G”

“Look, it’s very true that the amount of studies that specifically look at 5G are very limited, but from a science perspective that just isn’t relevant””

[Tribune] 5G is testing the limits of trust


4) With so much information being made public about the potentially microwave-caused “Havana Syndrome” suffered by many US government employees and their families, perhaps more should become public about military veterans who have been injured in similar ways. Of course, many in the military were and are working with and being injured by radar. As a result, many are suffering EHS and other health problems.

The group realizes that further exposure to EMF is deleterious to health and makes recovery from the initial injury impossible. Here is their list of symptoms:


I will see if I can find out if there is a similar network for Canadian vets who, I’m sure, have suffered similar injuries.

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Microwave Injured Veterans Network

“The Microwave Injured Veterans Network (MIVN) provides support and resources for microwave injured veterans that are suffering from nascent symptoms associated with unique and specific missions and occupational hazards that occurred during military service from 1956 until the present day. We also provide support information for future candidates of the military, current service members, and the general public. ​

Our goals are to raise awareness by informing government agencies, informing corporations, and informing the general public about the microwave injury spectrum and inspiring revisions to microwave safety standards that are necessary to protect the next generation.


If groups like this one know veterans are suffering injury from EMF, how can FCC deny the effects?

“Those veterans that are sensitive to microwave radiation due to their injury unfortunately have to be aware of the amount of microwave radiation around and inside of their residence and workspaces. While most people never think about these devices as harmful microwave injured veterans have to consider removing WiFi from their homes and not living inside of the radiation lobule of a cellular tower or small cell facility. We believe that these veterans have a right to accommodation without shame or ridicule….

MIVN stands against cellular microwave radiation devices that may be installed in residential areas, near schools, and government agencies that can aggravate the microwave injured veterans symptoms. Our mission is to continuously seek out relief and wellness for microwave injured veterans and we believe that cellular microwave radiation runs counter to that mission. It is impossible for a microwave injured veteran to experience relief and wellness when a cellular microwave tower is located within 3000 feet of his or her home.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”     Robert Louis Stevenson




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