2021-08-09 Milliwaves can damage internal organs

1) A summary of harassment by Telus when a member said she wanted to keep her copper lines for her home phone service. I have encouraged her to lodge complaints with the CRTC, her MP, the Ombudsperson, and anyone else she can think of. This corporation is treating its customers shamelessly. If she has to switch phones, she should go to Shaw. When I suggested that to her, she told me Telus is offering huge discounts and refunds if people stay with them after the switch. Having to bribe a customer after she’s been treated like this…..

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“Telus told me and several neighbours in my building that we would lose our home service entirely if we failed to switch over by July 20th. There were numerous phone calls threatening loss of service but the date came and went without any of us who refused to make the switch losing service. Then 2 days ago, someone in my building called to tell me that Telus cut off their internet service and told them they could not get it back until they switched their phone service. Blackmail.”

2) The most recent newsletter from Arthur Firstenberg.


“In the fall of 2018 the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico awarded franchises to five telecommunications companies for the purpose of placing both fiber-optic cables and 5G antennas in the streets and on the sidewalks of our fair city. Immediately the Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety, which has been working against wireless technology since 2005, hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against our city, our state, and the United States of America….

Ours is the first organization to sue a city to stop 5G antennas from being built on its sidewalks. Ours is the first lawsuit ever filed that challenges the notion that “environmental effects” means “health effects.” And ours is the only lawsuit that is challenging the constitutionality of Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. We are suing to force our city and our state to protect our health, and we are asking the courts to declare that Section 704 is unconstitutional and invalid because it deprives people of life, liberty and property without due process of law.”

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3) An article by Dr. Martin Pall reviewing the scientific evidence showing that milliwave radiation is capable of causing biological effects on internal organs, with effects not being limited to the surface of the skin as industry claims.

Millimeter (MM) wave and microwave frequency radiation produce deeply penetrating effects: the biology and the physics

“Millimeter wave (MM-wave) electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are predicted to not produce penetrating effects in the body. The electric but not magnetic part of MM-EMFs are almost completely absorbed within the outer 1 mm of the body. Rodents are reported to have penetrating MM-wave impacts on the brain, the myocardium, liver, kidney and bone marrow. MM-waves produce electromagnetic sensitivity-like changes in rodent, frog and skate tissues. In humans, MM-waves have penetrating effects including impacts on the brain, producing EEG changes and other neurological/neuropsychiatric changes, increases in apparent electromagnetic hypersensitivity and produce changes on ulcers and cardiac activity. This review focuses on several issues required to understand penetrating effects of MM-waves and microwaves….

Penetrating effects of non-thermal, non-pulsed, continuous wave MM-wave exposures have been reported in a large number of studies. Zalyobokskaya [19] reported that such exposures in rodents produced pathophysiological structural, functional and biochemical changes in each of the following internal organs: the brain, the myocardium, liver, kidney and bone marrow. These are each deeper in the body than 1 mm and therefore provide evidence for deeper MM-wave effects than the industry claims is possible.



This member has written some excellent letters and has shared them plus the responses she’s received — they are in the link. And separate below is her most recent letter. It is most frustrating to know that in all likelihood she, like so many of us, will not get a response that addresses her concerns.


Click to access Letters-from-Margreet-van-den-Berg-to-Minister-FP-Champagne-ISED-re-Roll-out-of-Wireless-5G-Technology-July-22-2021.pdf


From: Margreet van den Berg (name given with permission)
To: ISI.minister-ministre.ISI@canada.caFrancois-Philippe.Champagne@parl.gc.ca
Cc: ic.stsdgso-dgogssst.ic@ised-isde.gc.cabrian.ahier@canada.caWilliam.Amos@parl.gc.ca; “susan.hart2@canada.ca.” <susan.hart2@canada.ca.>
Sent: 2021-08-09 3:01:29 PM
Subject: Your daughters

Open letter

Dear Francois-Philippe Champagne,

You have two teenage daughters. I have two teenage sons. Your daughters are very likely to have their own personal smart phone, taking it wherever they go. Do they carry their phone in their bra? If so, even 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there would be no problem at all, according to :

* Susan Hart, your ISED-Director General Spectrum Management Operations Branch, who is responsible to the 3500 MHz auction to further enable the roll-out of 5G;

* Brian Ahier, Health Canada’s Director Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate (ERHSD).

* William Amos, your former Parliamentary Secretary of Science and my local MP who introduced a bill in Parliament to roll out 5G wireless in rural areas (He just announced not to seek re-election).

All of them stated the following in their correspondence to me and my husband: “… If… anyone, including a small child, were exposed to RF energy from multiple sources within the SC6 limits for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there would be no adverse health effects.” Similar statements can be found on government web-pages. I have heard others who received exactly the same copy and paste work from ISED and Health Canada.

They know it

That safety-statement is simply not true and the three mentioned above and Industry and Health Canada know it. Or could and should have known by now that it is false and deceptive, misinforming and misleading Canadians. And misleading you. They must have decided to avert their eyes from the increasing body of independent, not-industry-sponsored science. Closing their ears in order not to hear about the increasing harm experienced by more and more Canadians and people worldwide.

Will you remember?

So when one of your daughters in time, would develop a breast tumor, exactly on the spot where she would have carried their phone in her bra, almost exactly shaped like her phone, then will you go back to Susan Hart, Brian Ahier, William Amos, Patty Hajdu and all the others within ISED and within Health Canada who kept clinging to their claim that radio-frequency radiation is perfectly safe? Would you remember this letter and the links below? If this letter ever reaches your desk, that is. Would you have been given the opportunity to watch the interview with the surgeon about the increased breast-cancer in young women, tumors shaped like their smart phones? Would you have watched the young women who developed tumors and who trace it back to wearing the phone in their bra?

Jobs or dis-ability?

Will you then realize that letters written on behalf of you, as Minister of Industry, Innovation and Science in 2021, ignoring the multiple appeals, has led to more people developing multiple types of cancers, brain tumors another example? How many Canadians will develop symptoms of dis-ease while not making the link to their exposure to RF radiation? You talk about creating jobs. Yet, this technology in its current form, deployed on the scale you authorize and promote, has created and will create increasing disabilities. People losing their jobs and livelihood because they cannot function in that type of society anymore. Already in 2015, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health. HESA adopted recommendations to address the harmful biological effects of this type of radiation. But then elections came, followed by a new (Liberal) government that made these recommendations disappear from sight.

Will you ask your daughters?

Back to your daughters. Will you impress upon your daughters to not put their smart phone in their bras? To not put the phone against their head (see my letter to Susan Hart)? To switch their phones off as much as possible, and/or put it in airplane mode? Will you ask your girls to read the phone manual which tells them to keep the phone away from their bodies (because the companies know)? Will you ask your daughters that whenever they’d get pregnant in the future, to keep their phone miles away from the developing fetus? Will you tell your girls that insurance companies such as Lloyd’s already recognized the risk of harm in 2011, and that many insurance companies have excluded paying out for harm caused by radio-frequency radiation?

Your daughters might laugh incredulously and keep doing what they are doing. Because how else would they stay connected with friends nowadays? They might think they are invincible, living in the here and now, less focused on long-term consequences of their behavior today. That is how their brain is wired, and for good reason; otherwise they would not dare to take a step in the world outside their homes. Their brains are still in development until well into their twenties. That is where we come in, as parents, as adults.

Fundamentally flawed

I do not expect you to change course as Minister of Industry, Science and Innovation. The Ministry is fundamentally flawed in its design being home to both industry development and science. Your focus is on stimulating science that can be monetized, that will help develop jobs. Inconvenient observations and research questions about the safety of certain technologies, are therefore suppressed as a result. Canada is in need of a fundamental change in the field of science, needs to move towards open-minded and unbiased, unrestricted science and research questions. Canada is in need of people with courage, who dare to question, to consult and have integrity not attached to power, status, money and influence. I do not know you personally, so I cannot tell if you could be one of these people Canada so desperately needs.. But your teenage girls, my teenage boys and Canadians at large, including yourself, suffer and will suffer the consequences from this fatal flaw in the design of Canada’s research and knowledge system. It leads to ignoring inconvenient questions; it leads to ignoring (and systematically ridiculing) the increasing number of people who are falling ill. Many politicians, scientists and civil servants cannot think but inside the box, holding on to dogma’s, looking for money absolving themselves from asking critical questions. They are “not moved by evidence“: they do not want to see and do not want to hear anything outside their box.

Willing to see

Elections are coming up. I see you travel from one city to another, making one investment announcement after another and promising more jobs to Canadians. It must seem impossible to imagine life in general and political campaigns without wireless technology. Yet, brilliant scientific minds could put their minds as much towards life-affirming technologies as they do to life-obstructing ones. There are other, and better ways to connect Canadians. People need to be willing to see. But apparently the harm of current wireless technologies has to be repeated ad nauseam. More suffering needs to happen before the willingness to acknowledge it is there. Brain tumors are on the rise among young people. Politicians have left the scene and this life on earth because they succumbed to brain tumors, very likely linked to their enormous exposure to wireless technology day in, day out. Another possible effect of excessive use of smart, not-so-smart technology. Which politicians will be next?

We are living in extraordinary times. It asks for integrity, open minds and courage. For the sake of your daughters, for the sake of my sons. For the sake of Canada’s teens. The choice is yours.


Margreet van den Berg
Chelsea, Quebec

* Attached: correspondence to you and with Ms Hart (pdf file)
* Canada’s government claims of safety: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/health-risks-safety/radiation/occupational-exposure-regulations/safety-code-6-radiofrequency-exposure-guidelines.html#How_Safety_Code_2
* Safety Code 6: outdated: https://c4st.org/safety-code-6/
Report of the Standing Committee on Health, JUNE 2015, https://www.ourcommons.ca/documentviewer/en/41-2/hesa/report-13
* Parliamentary report calls for action on Wi-Fi , Paul Christopher Webster , CMAJ August 11, 2015 (short summary) *https://www.cmaj.ca/content/187/11/E334
* Breast cancer & cell phone radiation


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meter

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