2021-08-04 How to set up a Low EMF internet connection

1) A reminder for what I expect will be a very interesting webinar. The first certainly was.

Americans for Responsible Technology and BBILAN
2021 Legal Webinar Series
How to Hold the FCC and FDA Accountable?
The Public’s Legal Rights and Remedies
Wednesday August 11, 10:30 am PDT


2) Although the industry plans on increasing cell tower sites over the next 5-6 years to huge numbers, there is some good news. Local battles re. zoning and permits have had a major impact on microcells being deployed. And if we keep educating people, demanding that science and our health and security prevail over profit, we can have a similar effect on cell tower proliferation.

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417K U.S. Cell Tower Sites as of 2020; Projected 35.7 Million “Radio Units” (5G/4G Small Cells, DAS, DRS) to be Deployed by 2026

“In CTIA’s latest survey, the group said investment in wireless networks reached a five-year high in 2020, with $29.9 billion in capital spending. The U.S. mobile industry accounted for 18% of the world’s total mobile capex last year, but only 5.9% of global mobile connections….

This year AT&T and Verizon are preparing to deploy C-band spectrum for 5G in the U.S. when it’s ready, expected to be in December. and T-Mobile continues to roll out mid-band 2.5 GHz. While small cells were a major focus for deploying millimeter wavemacro sites have been pegged as the most efficient way to deploy mid-band….

In reporting second-quarter earnings last week, tower company Crown Castle cut projections for small cell deployments for 2021 and 2022, decreasing to 5,000 from the previously expected 10,000 each year. Company executives said it wasn’t due to a lack of demand, but in part because macro sites are again being prioritized by carriers. Crown Castle said cancelled Sprint small cell orders and continued zoning and permitting challenges also impacted the outlook.


3) With many of us spending hours of each day on the computer, it is vital that we make it as safe as possible. This information pertains to regular cable internet connections and most likely will differ for FOC (Fibre Optic Cable) connections. I am still gathering information on FOC converter boxes and safe connections to the home wiring/ethernet cable, which I will share as soon as possible.

How to Set Up a Low-EMF Internet Connection

“In this article, you will learn how to install a wired internet system that produces very little EMI. For electrically sensitive individuals, this will allow you to use your computer for longer periods of time without symptoms. For health-conscious people, this is the next step in creating a truly low-EMF home for you and your family.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”      Albert Schweitzer



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