2021-07-19 Live satellite wifi from SpaceX in Aug.

1) For those of you who were unable to watch this webinar live, here are the video and written info about it. Well worth the time. CELA can provide help in amending CEPA to help reduce electrosmog.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Perspectives on Bill C-28 and the Proposed Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)
Webinar hosted by the Canadian Environmental Law Association and Nature Canada.

“Webinar originally aired on Thursday July 8, 2021. Scroll down to view the recording.

The federal government released Bill C-28 (the Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act) on April 13, 2021 proposing amendments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). Bill C-28 represents the first time changes to CEPA will be considered in over 20 years. As Canada continues to see increasing impacts to the environment and to the health of Canadians from toxic substances and genetically engineered organisms, the introduction of Bill C-28 represents a unique opportunity to assess the changes needed to CEPA to address current and future challenges related to toxic substances, genetically engineered organisms and access to public engagement in legislations.”


2)  Correction: Next C4ST Community meeting is Wed, 4:30 PT. Full details are at the following link:

You are invited to a C4ST Community Meeting via Zoom
Wednesday, 7:30 pm, Eastern Time 6:30 Central Time July 21st, 2021

LINK here (and below Marg’s signature).


3) SpaceX to offer Wi-Fi from satellites starting in August. Musk says the entire world will be covered.

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“On June 29, 2021, Elon Musk spoke at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. He said SpaceX presently has about 70,000 active beta testers of the Starlink satellites in 12 countries, and that full, global commercial service will begin in August. Beginning next month, anyone who purchases a user terminal for $500 and pays the $100 per month subscription fee will have access to high-speed internet by satellite from their home or vehicle anywhere in the world except the polar regions. More than half a million people have already put down a deposit.”


4) Magda Havas has studied EHS for many years and has agreed that I could share an email about this health issue about which there is much debate and confusion. She hopes to clarify EHS to reduce debate so that effort can be used, instead, to confront its causes. It is below in “letters”.



From: “drmagdahavas” <drmagdahavas@gmail.com>
Sent: July 17, 2021
Subject: Re: Fresh from Print – Belpomme et al 2021 – Influence of psychological factors causing or extending the EHS condition

The key concern is that we are all reacting to electromagnetic frequencies in the environment whether or not we have any symptoms. I say this because the vibrations affect every cell in our body that has water by causing oscillations. These are biological effects and not necessarily health effects. The symptoms differ from person to person with some showing up as pain, as heart palpitations, etc.

EMI can also stand for electromagnetic interference (which is how it is used in physics and electronics) and it can also mean electromagnetic injury (which is a useful term from a legal perspective).

People differ in their sensitivity to lots of toxins in the environment yet we don’t call them sensitive except for multiple chemical sensitivity and perhaps that is why we have the term EHS as a energy/frequency example of chemical sensitivity.

We are beings of light and we can use the chemical model to describe what is happening (the chemical model is the current medical model) or we can shift to a frequency/information model (major paradigm shift in medicine and this is already happening).

I attended a medical meeting where an elderly doctor told us that he asks 3 questions of his patients.

chemical model of medicine (current)
1. are they getting all the essential nutrients, minerals, etc. that they need? If not … then supplement them via food or pills
2. are they exposed to toxins in their environment/body? If yes … then go through various detox regimes
3. are their cells communicating chemically? If not … identify the problem.

Dr. Ross Adey said that there are so many cells in the human body that it is virtually impossible for them to be communicating by chemicals alone. He said that cells are whispering to each other electromagnetically. Indeed, I believe this helps to explain what the effects are as well with electrosmog.

You can convert this to a frequency model by asking similar questions …

frequency model of medicine (emerging)
1. are they getting all the essential frequencies their body needs? This is a novel concept except to those who use frequency therapies already in their practice. If not … expose them to natural frequencies, sun, forest walks, hug a tree, walk barefoot in sand along shore, expose them to negative air ions near waterfalls and/or to PEMF and light/frequency therapy.
2. are they exposed to toxic frequencies like electrosmog (also noise pollution and light pollution)? If yes … reduce exposure. Treat the environment as Olle would say.
3. are their cells communicating electromagnetically?

I believe that electrosmog interferes with cellular communicating by either blocking it or by providing false information. The closer the frequencies are to natural frequencies within the body the greater the potential for miscommunication. It’s like tuning into a radio station and getting either static or interference from another radio station. This helps to explain frequency and intensity window effects where the greatest effect is within a certain frequency range or within a certain intensity range. This also differentiates electrosmog exposure from chemical exposures which tend to have worse effects with higher concentrations. This is not necessarily the case for frequency effects.


“Once you become fearless … life becomes limitless.”


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Once you become fearless … life becomes limitless.”    From our good friend, Dr. Magda Havas




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