2021-06-23 US Senate acknowledges harm from Directed Energy Weapons

1) I have been unable to watch the Brazilian conference because I don’t read Portuguese and couldn’t figure out how to connect. But here is a link to an English-speaking session @ noon PT on Thursday.


The Movements of Safe Technology in North America Watch – Thursday, June 24 at 3:30 pm EST


2) Americans for Responsible Technology is asking for medical professionals to sign a letter urging that wireless infrastructure for the 5G grid be stopped in California and replaced with safer, faster, more secure fiber optic cable to and into the homes. If you are a medical professional, please consider signing. If you aren’t, please consider asking your medical contacts to sign.

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Calling All Medical Professionals!

“Americans for Responsible Technology is assisting grassroots organizations throughout California who are fighting back against several bills designed to fast-track the deployment of 5G small cell antennas across the State.

As part of that effort, we are coordinating a sign-on letter from health professionals which will be sent to all 120 California State legislators. We hope you will consider adding your name to the letter which is available as a PDF for your review below. All signatures are due by Tuesday, June 29th @ 5pm PST.


The Letter:

“Instead of fast-tracking the deployment of wireless infrastructure in close proximity to residential dwellings and schools, we urge the legislature to support the expansion of fiberoptic broadband connections to and through the premises throughout the State. Fiber-optic connections are superior to wireless in every way, providing faster, safer, secure, more reliable, and more affordable internet access. Small cell wireless facilities/antennas installed in residential areas will subject people to constant high levels of RF radiation exposure in their homes, substantially increasing the risk of adverse health outcomes”

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3) The US Senate has passed a bill acknowledging harm done by “directed energy weapons” and compensation for victims. The possible weapons include microwave, milliwave, and weaponized Wi-Fi.



US Senate Finally Admits that Neuroweapons Exist, Passes Bill to Help Diplomat-Victims

“In a reversal of the established commentary that those claiming victimization by electronic weaponry are crazy and delusional, the US Senate has passed a Bill authorizing payment to CIA and State Department officials who have been attacked by this weaponry. Recent news reports have detailed these attacks on US diplomats in Cuba and China….

In the letter, dated June 2 and also sent to Marco Rubio, Mark Warner and others, Stewart asks the Senators to “Please write an all-encompassing piece of legislation to stop this horror of the exploitation of innocent people with Microwave Weapons (and other DEW Directed Energy) attacks…” Referring to the placement of many such individuals on the Terrorist Watchlist, Stewart goes on to state that “Innocent people are thrown onto the watchlist, based on little to nothing, with no notification or warning…using this new secret underclass of “untouchables” as nonconsenting test subjects for Military Industrial Complex weaponry such as Directed Energy Weapons like microwave, millimeter waves, lily waves, weaponized WiFi…as well as war-grade gases, poisons…””


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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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