2021-06-12 Members of IARC challenge 2B Classification

1) A “smart” New York City is being recommended by some NYC councillors.  Hopefully, people will be aware of and concerned about privacy issues, if not health issues. This will increase the level of RF dramatically in any city where this is implemented.

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Legislation Would Designate Agency to Lead Smart City Implementation; Smart Streetlights, Utility Meters, etc.

  • A bill before the New York City Council would have the city’s mayor designate one agency to coordinate the implementation of wide-ranging smart city technologies and establish a working group to review that implementation.
  • The legislation, introduced by Councilmembers Ben Kallos, Helen Rosenthal and Kalman Yeger, would give the city agency broad oversight over technology including smart streetlights, location beacons, smart water meters, automated real-time public transit service adjustments, smart power and gas meters, and smart trash and recycling receptacles. The bill was referred to the Committee on Technology for discussion last month and awaits a hearing.”


2) Some time ago I shared the excellent report about 5G that this panel did for the New Hampshire legislature. In this 60 min. video, Cece Doucette discusses the report with one of the panel members. We should ask our provincial legislature (if not our federal one) to undertake a similar exercise to determine the safety of 5G.

New Hampshire 5G Legislative Report with Dr. Kent Chamberlin and Cece Doucette


3) Industry-biased members of IARC are suggesting that RF should no longer be a 2B (possible) carcinogen but, rather, be considered completely safe while 100s of independent scientists, based on several excellent studies, are recommending increasing the level to 1 or true carcinogen.

Dr. Daniel Krewski from Canada is mentioned and has had very close ties with the telecoms — was forced off the last panel that reviewed Safety Code 6 because of possible conflicts of interest.

IARC on RF: What’s Next?

Own Radiation Group Challenges Basis for “Possible” Cancer Risk
Trends for Aggressive Brain Tumors Unresolved

“A new analysis from the radiation group at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) calls into question the agency’s own classification of wireless radiation as a possible human carcinogen.”


4) Next Saturday there will be a rally in Qualicum Beach — the 6th Global Stop 5G and protesting Telus’s cell tower. Full details are provided, along with a press release, below in Letters.



Welcome Team to the 5G (6th Global) and 4th 145 foot cell tower at Qualicum Beach PROTEST!

We hope you will let all your friends know. We are allowed 50 people according to the BC Health Officer.

Come at 12:30PM. Park at Christian Fellowship church, with your mask, stay 2 metres apart and chair on Sat. June 19, 2021, and walk to triangle (Island Hwy/Village Way). Bring banners and signs!
Especially invite parents and children, as we want to protect them

Please confirm! We need you!
Carol and Fred Dowe. (name given with permission)


International 5G and Qualicum Beach4th cell tower Protest!!

We invite you to participate in the 5G 6th Global protest and 4th proposed 145 foot cell tower in Qualicum Beach protest at 2045 W. Island Highway, (triangle) Island Highway/Village Way, on Saturday, June 19 at 1:00 pm. Parking available at Christian Fellowship Centre, 825 Village Way, and then an easy walk. Parents and children are invited. Masks required if in small groups. 50 people per the Bylaw Officer.

Our guest speakers are: Dr. Stephen Faulkner of Duncan, and Marcus Schluschen of Canadians for SafeTechnology who has 13 years of knowledge on the harmful effects of cell tower radiation and is our local representative from Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST)(www.c4st.org). The founder of C4ST is Frank Clegg, past president of Microsoft Canada.

The proposed TELUS cell tower is in the middle of four daycares, two elementary schools and several nursing homes.  As parents and grandparents we are very concerned.

More than 100 international scientists and Canadian medical doctors have written Health Canada to say its guidelines, (to protect against cell tower radiation) are inadequate and need to be updated. There are no studies showing safety for children. Health Canada was also slow to act on other toxic agents such as asbestos, cigarettes and thalidomide.

The town council of Qualicum Beach has turned a blind eye to all of the evidence provided to it in 250 pages of personal letters from Qualicum Beach residents and parents, along with a petition of 1100 signatures. Shamefully, it refused, four times, to allow a medical doctor to present to it.There has been a lack of proper public consultation. When Dr. Stephen Faulkner, an expert on the dangers of cell tower radiation, presented to the Regional District of Nanaimo, the majority of the Board turned down the Coombs cell tower!

It is clear that the town council, in approving this tower, and Health Canada with its inadequate safety guidelines, are not protecting the most vulnerable among us.  Because of symptoms to EMF radiation, at least 3 households have departed Qualicum Beach (population 9,000) and symptoms subsided.

This tower will likely be part of the infrastructure that will support the installations of hundreds of small cell antennas in front of our homes to support 5G technologies. Antennas will be placed on lamp posts and other structures every 100 meters or so – thus increasing even more our exposure to this potentially harmful radiation. It is imperative that we speak out and demand this tower be stopped.

Dr. Fred and Carol Dowe


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”     Alan K. Simpson



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