2021-05-24 BC Hydro town hall re. billing. Wed.

1) A reminder that BC Hydro is holding a town hall Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 26, at noon or 7pm. This supposedly provides an opportunity to learn more about BC Hydro’s plans for new billing methods, for example time-of-use, which it has had in the works ever since the smeter program was announced. Several members have asked if I knew if BC Hydro would use this as an excuse to force everyone to have an enabled smeter transmitter. Many of us are paying the $20 a month to have it disabled. Whether the disabled transmitter could hold the time-of-use info is something that we should ask. Call this number to find out more about the Zoom meeting 1-800-224-9376. If I get details re. the Zoom meeting, I will share in Tuesday’s update.

2) Another article with some additional info about the large and growing number of victims of “Havana Syndrome”. It appears more people believe, and there is more evidence, that RF emissions could have caused brain damage.

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Growing Mystery of Suspected Energy Attacks Draws US Concern

“One key analysis identified “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy” as the most plausible culprit. Published in December by the National Academy of Sciences, the report said a radio frequency attack could alter brain function without causing “gross structural damage.” But the panel could not make a definitive finding on how U.S. personnel may have been hit….

Dr. James Giordano, a neurology professor at Georgetown University, consulted with the State Department on the Havana cases and has been briefed on more recent incidents in the U.S. and abroad. In reviewing records of people affected in Havana, Giordano noted evidence of neurological injuries in several people, suggesting they may have been hit with radio waves.”


or  https://tinyurl.com/cpjeemvs

3) In the Victoria area of Australia, people are being treated much like we are in BC with regard to smeters. No choice and no voice. A reminder of how Christy Clark (Premier at the time) and Rich Coleman (Minister of Energy) in 2011 responded to the Union of BC Municipalities’ vote to support a moratorium after major public protests: “You have 3 choices: accept the smeter; go off the grid; leave the province.”

Why are Victorians still being denied meter choice?

“Clearly, if the exercise was to have had any validity whatsoever, feedback from the Victorians who have had their lives devastated in consequence of the rollout of smart meters, should have been canvassed. This did not occur.

And what about the views of internet safety experts and customers savvy enough to realise the significant security and privacy issues created by smart meters? Given the explosion in malicious cyber attacks that the world is witnessing, surely KPMG’s report should have highlighted the increased risk posed by wireless smart meter networks.

KPMG states, on page 44, that all consumers should benefit from AMI, irrespective of their choices and situations. Instead, all Victorian electricity customers have been financially penalised in consequence of the rollout of smart meters. The Victorian Government has also risen to new heights of callousness in its policy of heartlessly stonewalling and ignoring the plight of those amongst us living with disability as a result of exposure to pulsed microwave emissions from smart meters.”


4) 23rd letter to Greta, by Katie Singer, confronting some of the major conflicting issues many of us face: climate, our environment vs. the internet.

Writing from the Internet
an article about nature and technology

“Do we provide all people on Earth sufficient nutrient-dense food, clean water and toilets before we expand the Internet?

How can we respect the Earth and continue to use the Internet?”



A letter mailed in a donation request envelope.


May 20, 2021

BC Green Party
Victoria, BC V8W 9Z9
Attention: Sonia Furstenau & All Green Party Members

I keep asking the Green Party to take a stand for people, who need to have analogue meters on their homes for safety, security and health reasons. I know people, who are living under extreme stress now, not only from the Covid-19 situation, but also from the threat of having their analogue meters replaced with Smart Meters.

The Smart Meter issue is very much like the vaccine campaign. However, with vaccines we have the Constitutional choice to determine what goes into our bodies (though the element of coercion lurks when threats of not being able to work or travel are intimated). With the Smart Meters, this Constitutional choice is denied to us. If we deem something to be dangerous, it must not be forced on us. We deem the Smart Meters to be dangerous, because we are electro-hypersensitive. It is possible that many others are as well, though they might not be educated and aware of what is affecting them.

Every time the Green Party contacts me, I relate what happened to my husband and I right after the Smart Meters were forced on our homes. We had to pay $750 to have power reinstated to keep our hard earned farm produce in a walk-in cooler. We are seniors, and we begged the NDP and Green Parties and BC Hydro to allow us to keep our analogues, for which we had paid extra to keep them for about 8 years.

Seven days after the Smart Meters were installed, my husband had a stroke, and seven days after that, a second stroke. I experienced frightening cognitive and memory dysfunction. In spite of reporting this experience, repeatedly we have been ignored. This is unconscionable and it has become apparent that we no longer live in a democracy. If opposition parties do not find it worth their while to fight, to make loud noise, in the legislature, to broadcast this issue to the public, then Government has lost its purpose. If your party does not know enough about the issue, please create a committee to learn.

If the Green Party is powerless to change this egregious situation, then we can no longer support this inaction. Should we receive just resolution, through Green Party efforts, we will find purpose in supporting the only political party that has other worthwhile values.

Lavonne Garnett & NIck Dudink     (names given with permission)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”     Alice Walker



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