2021-05-20 Connected Coast Project Delayed

1) Newsletter from Cece Doucette. I’m sorry that I didn’t get this in time to share in an update in advance of the meeting. Of special note is the 60 min. video about the New Hampshire legislature and 5G:



2) We know all too well that what happens in the USA often happens here. A dangerous amendment to an existing law has allowed telecoms to put cell antennas on homes so long as the owner agrees, and many would if the payment were high enough. No consultation with the city or notification to neighbours is required. The law is called OTARD and here is a short YouTube that explains everything. We must stay alert to anything like this being approved by provincial or federal authorities.

The OTARD Emergency

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIlOhEKuHUg   (4:35 min.)

3) The Safety Code 6 chart that I circulated is on our website, http://stopsmartmetersbc.com/ under “EMF/5G“.

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4) Unfortunate news that the Connected Coast project, which was to bring fiber optic cable to coastal communities, is being delayed due to Telus providing speed info that differs with what its customers are reporting. This delay could benefit Telus greatly, giving it more time to install wireless in these communities.

Conflicting accounts of connection speeds throws wrench into Connected Coast Project

“Last mile funding is available to communities that are considered unserved by current telecommunications networks. Essentially, communities that fall under a certain threshold connectivity speed are able to apply for the funding. Chair Unger was concerned that the province had been getting information from Telus, and that the company has been doing “inadequate mapping of speeds” in communities in the SRD….

Earlier this year, people living in the SRD submitted screenshots of internet speed tests that showed they were far under that threshold. However, the decision was made that these communities were not eligible for the funding due to the speeds reported by Telus.”


From hyperlink in the article:

Quadra Island Director Concerned about Telus’ Wireless Plan

“According to Abram, federal funds will be made available to last mile projects that bring connectivity to “unserved” areas, those that do not currently have any connection. Areas of Quadra and Cortes right now are part of those unserved areas and are elligible for the funding. Abram says, however, that if Telus installs the towers on the islands, those areas would no longer be considered unserved, and would not be eligible for the funding from the province.

“All of a sudden, a company that has spent 30 years snubbing us wants to serve us, and they want to serve us in every one of the spots that we have picked as landing sites for the Connected Coast,” Abram said. “That would mean we would not get funding to do the last mile connection, the fibre to the house. We’re screwed basically by this new movement by Telus.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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