2021-05-13 Is there a 5G tower near you?

1) Here is a map that claims to have locations for 5G transmitters all over the world. You can zoom in to find where they are located near you. In Canada, these would be transmitting using the 600 MHz frequency since the milliwave frequencies have yet to be auctioned by ISED. This means that the RF meters many of us have would be able to detect the radiation. If you have a meter, please take measurements about 100 meters from the transmitter in all directions possible. I would appreciate very much if you would report the location and readings to me. I will start a list for all to see. In all likelihood, the transmitters are on an existing tower or, perhaps, on top of a building that might have other transmitters. In these circumstances, the readings will be for all the transmitters, not just the 5G one. It would be great if you could take a photo to send along, too.


2) People in a Massachusetts town are sleeping away from their homes to escape some of the effects of a nearby cell tower. This is what will happen to more people when 5G microcells and 5G towers are in every neighbourhood — but where will people be able to go to escape when they are everywhere?

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Neighborhood residents say Pittsfield cell tower causing health concerns 

“Neighbor Courtney Gilardi said, “We’ve actually been sleeping away from the tower. We have mattresses on the floor elsewhere. And it’s no way to live, out of a bag, going back and forth, knowing you’re exposing your children to this.”

“For the first time, this has made me really start thinking seriously about living somewhere else,” Elaine Ireland said. “Which is really sad because I wanted to grow old in this neighborhood, but I won’t let my health be affected and just stay in the house.””


3) Arthur Firstenberg’s newsletter, with more reported effects to the health of humans and animals after the multiple launches of satellites a month or so ago.


“Last month’s newsletter (Survey Results) contained a summary of about 1,000 emails I received from subscribers reporting sudden illness in themselves and their spouses, children, parents, neighbors, friends, coworkers, clients, cats, dogs, chickens, goats, and cows that I received from all over the world. On March 24-25, the first time that SpaceX and OneWeb both launched satellites on the same day, most people that I spoke with or heard from experienced similar, dramatic illness that came out of nowhere. Pain and itching all over their bodies, especially their legs, feet and head. Sudden increase in the ringing in their ears. Profound exhaustion and complete inability to sleep. Muscle spasms. Skin rashes. Stomach aches and diarrhea. Nosebleeds. Heart palpitations. Inflamed eyes. Ill temper, depression or suicidal thoughts.

In the following weeks it became clear that something extraordinary had happened, and is continuing to happen, not only to my friends and subscribers, and not only to people and their pets and farm animals.”

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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