2021-03-25 ISED is not testing cell phones

I need to know what model of ITRON smeter BC Hydro is installing now. If you have received a smeter within the last few months, could you please take a photo of it and send to me at:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “New ITRON” on the subject line.

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If you can’t take a photo, can you please send me the model information that is on the face of the meter. The initial smeter’s model was ITRON Centron II Openway. New homes being built would have new meters, if there are any nearby….. I would be most grateful.

1) ICNIRP is an NGO with members chosen by others in the group and, for some reason, wields nearly total power over the international agencies responsible for establishing RF exposure guidelines. These guidelines, such as Safety Code 6 and FCC’s, acknowledge no harm except heating. They ignore/refuse to accept any scientific evidence of non-thermal biological effects because doing so would harm the military and the telecoms.

Overwhelming power of ICNIRP opinions through backing from GSMA, MWF & telecoms: WHO and governmental agencies, like ARPANSA, BfS, TNO, STUK et al., meekly follow and disseminate misinformation on 5G millimeter-waves’ safety research

“In 2020, ICNIRP has published an updated safety guidelines for EMF exposures that consider solely thermal effects of radiation exposure as the source of any health effects. In ICNIRP’s opinion, prevention of thermal effects, by the currently used safety limits, is sufficient to protect health of the users….

How ICNIRP knows that ICNIRP’s safety guidelines are protective when ICNIRP itself, through opinion expressed by its chairman, Rodney Croft admits – there is no research but… we, ICNIRP, don’t need research.

ICNIRP provides guidelines that are vital for telecom industry. Anyone claiming there is no influence and interaction between these entities is naïve.”

https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.com/2021/03/22/overwhelming-power-of-icnirp-opinions-through-backing-from-gsma-mwf-telecoms-who-and-governmental-agencies-like-arpansa-bfs-tno-stuk-et-al-meekly-follow-and-disseminate-misinformation-on/    or   https://tinyurl.com/pzd4vbha

2) Starting last July, I have been attempting to find out why many of the cell phones that Dr. Arazi (Phonegate), the Chicago Tribune and Dr. Om Gandhi found to emit levels of radiation far in excess of Safety Code 6’s limit are still being used and sold in Canada. It has been like pulling teeth, but finally I received a very disturbing admission by ISED. While the SC 6 limit (SAR) is 1.6 W/kg, ISED allows emissions to be considered safe so long as they are below 100 W/kg, or 62.5 times the allowable limit. The explanation was that Health Canada says this is the level at which heating occurs, as per ICNIRP.

This information needs to be made public and to that end, I wrote to CBC’s Marketplace, the same program that did an exposé on warnings in cell phone manuals in 2017. The letter I wrote is below and I am still waiting for a response. What this means is that in practical terms, there is no agency monitoring cell phones. ISED doesn’t monitor cell transmitters either. ISED is not doing its job — it is allowing the telecoms to “monitor” their products themselves. The thing we must remember: ISED’s mandate is to help industry, not to protect us. Health Canada said it determines the safety limit and hands responsibility for regulating and monitoring to ISED. Fox/henhouse.



From: Sharon Noble
To: “marketplace” <marketplace@cbc.ca>
Sent: March 18, 2021
Subject: Industry Canada dismisses Health Canada’s safety guidelines for cell phones

Dear Sir or Madam,

Dr. Mark Arazi in France tested close to 500 cell/smart phones that were being used and sold, and found that, by using the same method used by Health Canada, a high percentage of the phones emitted radiation levels’ exceeding the allowable limit of 2.0 W/kg. The scandal that resulted is called “Phonegate” https://www.phonegatealert.org/en/about-international-phonegate-scandal-eng

Following report of this scandal, the Chicago Tribune and Dr. Om Gandhi, independently, tested small samplings of phones off the shelf in the US and found similar results, with some phones exceeding the US’s allowable limit of 1.6 W/kg by as many as 11 times.



or  https://tinyurl.com/3abz9hfa 

Many, if not all, of the phones used in the US and France are sold and used in Canada. Health Canada’s limit for cell phone emissions (from phones held some distance from the head ) is 1.6 W/kg, the same as the US’s. When I asked Health Canada for a response to the findings in France and the US I was told that Health Canada had no responsibility for testing or monitoring cell phones or any other consumer used wireless devices. Sole responsibility rests with ISED (formerly Industry Canada).

Since last July I’ve been in communication with ISED officials, first to ask if any testing had been done and, if so, if they would provide the results. ISED said that there have been only the standard testing, and when a phone is found to be non-compliant the manufacturer is asked to fix it. Nothing is being done in response to Phonegate. No results of “standard” testing would be provided because ISED feels that doing so might provide information about their auditing strategies.

More concerning, when I asked what compliance standards were used, ISED responded that phones are in “‘full compliance” if the emission levels were below “the threshold of any adverse health effects to the end-users” which was given as 100 W/kg, the level at which heating or “thermal effects” occur. This is 62.5 times the limits established by Health Canada.

The Canadian public is using cell phones which have been banned or recalled by other countries, and are being exposed to extremely high levels of radiation by devices used close to or in direct contact with heads and other parts of the body. Children are using these devices in school and some are sleeping with them.

Hundreds of studies by well-respected, independent researchers have warned that cell phones should not be in contact with any part of the body — even when the emissions are within the Health Canada limit. Every cell phone manual warns that it should be kept at a minimum distance from all parts of the body at all times. This was reported in March 2017 by Marketplace.  https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-march-24-2017-1.4038259/cellphone-in-your-pocket-cbc-s-marketplace-investigates-why-you-might-reconsider-1.4038287

Canadians deserve at the least to know that their cell phones are non-compliant. Basically these very popular devices that people have in their pockets, in their hands, often every waking hour within reach, are unregulated by our government.

I have emails to and from ISED officials confirming my statements, and would be happy to provide them if you are interested in pursuing this vital topic. And I so hope you are.

Sharon Noble


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



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