2021-03-23 Univ. of Alberta another 5G’ ‘living lab’

1) Many Canadian communities are finding themselves facing cell towers near homes, schools, and other places where people spend a lot of time. This proliferation is due, primarily, to support the new 5G grid. To help share ideas and to connect with each other, Marg Friesen has started a new group, Manitobans for Safe Technology, and set up a new website:   https://m4st.ca/    She would like people to send her information about the proposed cell tower in their area. Below in Letters is more information about this tower from Marg.

Right now in Winnipeg, the group is educating people about and fighting a new tower in Charleswood (an area in Winnipeg). The proposed tower, just like so many here in BC, is close to homes, a school and a daycare centre.

Here is a public meeting that occurred as part of Stop 5G Protest last Saturday. If you did something for Stop 5G Protest Day, please let me know.


2) Democracy Watch is calling for a watchdog to protect against price gouging and abusive sales practices as a result of Rogers buying Shaw. Why not include telecoms’ endangering our health, gathering and selling our personal data?

Whether Rogers-Shaw deal is approved, consumer-run telecom watchdog group must be created using method that has worked in U.S.

“Today, Democracy Watch called on the federal government, whether or not the Rogers-Shaw deal is approved, to create a broad-based, well-resourced, consumer-run Telecom Consumer Organization (TCO) using an innovative, low-cost, effective method that has worked in the U.S.

During CRTC hearings in October 2018 about hundreds of stories about abusive sales practices and gouging by Canada’s large telecom companies, Democracy Watch and more than 30 citizen and consumer groups called for the creation of the TCO. The CRTC recommended the creation of the TCO in its February 2019 report (p. 37).”

Whether Rogers-Shaw deal is approved, consumer-run telecom watchdog group must be created using method that has worked in U.S. (More than 35 consumer and citizen groups and the CRTC support creating the group)


3) Another university is given money by a telecom to become a partner in 5G infrastructure development, aka “living lab”. So far, I have heard of no money being spent at universities to determine what health effects might be associated with 5G technology. If someone uses twitter, could you ask about the money for research on health?

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University of Alberta and Telus partner on a 5G ‘living lab’

“The University of Alberta announced a five-year partnership with TELUS to establish a 5G “Living Lab” at the U of A that will contribute to a pipeline of new research and technology with commercial applications, while supporting the development of the talent pool needed to enhance economic recovery and diversification in Alberta.

The $15-million investment from TELUS will provide the 5G infrastructure that will allow TELUS and the U of A to accelerate research and drive technology roadmaps to address society’s most pressing challenges now and into the future. ”


4) Most schools in BC use Wi-Fi instead of fiber optic cable that is readily available. Trustees are ignoring science and their responsibility to protect children. Parents are not being informed about the potential harm that their children could suffer. Few people know that fiber optic cable, whether to schools or homes, is far superior to wireless. It’s time we begin a real campaign. A parent in California shared a letter she wrote, and it is in “Letters”.


If you know anyone in Charleswood, Winnipeg, please alert them to this proposed cell tower by Rogers. The site at 523 Harstone is close to a daycare, school, seniors centre and home with small children.

Email <lorri.bettig@gmail.com> to connect with others in the area who are concerned.

Also see the Manitobans for Safe Technology website – under Cell Towers and then Harstone for handouts we provided at our March 20th rally (combined with Global 5G Protest Day).

Protest against proposed 5G cell tower | CTV News


Less than 10 minute video: “This Cell Tower Will Threaten Our Community”
Charleswood, Winnipeg, Canada


Marg Friesen



To Board of Trustees and Superintendent Diffenbaugh: (to a California school board)

Pause the wireless upgrade RFP No. 21-00001

Please halt and reconsider the wireless upgrade project for which the district posted an RFP, with bids due on Monday.

The state of New Hampshire legislators established a “Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology”. In their final report in November 2020, they recommended:

RECOMMENDATION 4- Schools and public libraries should migrate from RF wireless connections for computers, laptops, pads, and other devices, to hardwired  or optical connections within a five-year period starting when funding
becomes available.

RECOMMENDATION 13- Recommend the use of exposure warning signs to be posted in commercial and public buildings. In addition, encourage commercial and public buildings, especially healthcare facilities, to establish RF-radiation free zones where employees and visitors can seek refuge from the effects of wireless RF emissions.

The 2016 State of Maryland Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council report “Wifi Radiation in Schools in Maryland” recommendations include

“The Maryland State Department of Education should recommend that local school systems:
— Consider using wired devices. Where classrooms have internet access with a wireless connection, WiFi can be turned off and wired local area network (LAN) can provide a reliable and secure form of networking for as many wireless devices as necessary without any microwave electromagnetic field exposure.”

Substantial research warns of health hazards to children, humans, and the environment from radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF) including from Wi-Fi, cellphones, and cell towers. Many experts advise schools to shift to wired internet for the safety of children. Children are more at risk due to thinner, softer craniums and bones, greater absorption of RF radiation into their brains, eyes, and bone marrow, and their developing immune, neurological, and reproductive systems. Reproductive harm and even sterility from the near constant exposure to high levels of RF is a risk. And the federal NTP study and Ramazzini report show this radiation is a carcinogen. Heart problems have been reported in students from these exposures. These warnings are too important for the district to miss.

The new TechSafe Schools initiative program has been launched. I recently sent you their invitation to webinars for school administrators and personnel on liability issues connected to wireless use, the scientific research, and next steps.

Additional recent information includes:
“On the Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Smartphone and WiFi Radio Frequency Radiation” – 2019, Professor Tom Butler, University College Cork, Ireland


“Safety Recommendations for Children Who Use Digital Technologies to Study at Home”, Scientific Research Institute of Hygiene and Children’s Health in the Russian Ministry of Health and the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RusCNIRP), 2020

“1. Children under 18 years of age who study at home should primarily use personal computers and laptops connected to the Internet via a wired network. When using a wireless network, the distance from the Wi-Fi router to the student should be at least 5 meters (16 feet)
7. For all age groups: completely avoid use of smartphones for educational purposes (reading, searching for information)
9. Children under 6 years old must not use any computer equipment for educational purposes at home.”


“Measurements of Radiofrequency Radiation with a Body-Borne Exposimeter in Swedish Schools with Wi-Fi”, November 2017. Hedandahl et al. Frontiers in Public Health

You cannot afford the risks of exposure students or staff. Teacher Anura Lawson was given ADA accommodation by LAUSD due to the disabled effects she experienced from Wi-Fi in her school. Another teacher is suing that district. How many MPUSD teachers and staff has the district lost because the Wi-Fi makes them ill? How many children are now home-schooled due to health problems from wireless exposure, taking away money from the district?

Please use the budgeted money to hardwire internet to schools, beginning with elementary and junior high schools now, and eliminate wireless connections and antennas. Enable teachers to turn off the Wi-Fi in classrooms when it is not being used. Disconnect campus-wide Wi-Fi.

Science websites include
Physicians for Safe Technology – www.mdsafetech.org
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety – www.saferemr.com



Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike.”    Alexander Hamilton



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