2021-03-18 Rigged cell phone testing

1) Recently, incidents of hacking have increased involving everything from Microsoft to the US government. Once everything is connected via the Internet of Things, experts say we can expect far more.

Cybersecurity expert says attack affecting ICBC points to broader trend

“An expert says the COVID-19 pandemic has created “the perfect psychological storm” for an increase in cyberattacks.

Dominic Vogel’s comments come after the high-profile cyberattack involving ICBC this week, resulting in a delay to rebate cheques being sent out to British Columbians.

“You know, we’ve definitely seen a noticeable increase in social engineering scams and other cyberattacks facing mainly small-, mid-size organizations, but larger organizations as well,” Vogel, the founder and chief strategist at Cyber SC, said. “We’ve definitely entered a new prime wave, shall we say, when it comes to cyber crime.””


2) Many communities in BC that feel left out of the Federal Broadband project may be able to participate in a study that reflects more accurately the status of their internet service.

Internet speed study

“Local and Indigenous governments, particularly those with rural and remote populations, are invited to participate in a study of broadband Internet speeds experienced in BC. Communities across British Columbia have voiced concerns that federal data on broadband Internet speeds, which is used to determine eligibility for connectivity funding programs, may not accurately reflect the broadband Internet speeds experienced in homes, businesses, and other locations at the community level.”


3)  The methods used to test and certify cell phones are inadequate and in no way conform with the way phones are used, especially by children. All cell phone manuals warn that they must never be within a certain distance of all parts of the body (even the hand), so that is how the testing is done. But that is not how cell phones are used.

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“Thanks to the efforts of physician Marc Arazi of Phonegate Association, the world is waking up to the fact that cell phones and wireless devices are not tested the way we use them directly next to our bodies. Phones are tested in an antiquated method using a large plastic bowling-ball-sized head of a male dummy, named Standard Anthropomorphic Mannequin (or SAM for short)—nearly double the size of the head of a toddler and larger than 97% of all people.

Typically, manufacturers select a single device that is tested to make sure the syrupy liquid inside the dummy’s thick skull doesn’t heat up. A big guy with a thick skull, SAM is not very talkative as his average test call lasts 6 minutes.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Advertising is legalized lying.”     H. G. Wells



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