2021-03-17 Murray v. Motorola Lawsuit

1) In yesterday’s update [1) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-03-16-former-us-govt-expert-for-lawsuit-rf-high-probability-carcinogenic/], there was a report by Dr. Portier to support the plaintiff in a lawsuit of Murray vs. Motorola. Here is more information about that lawsuit. I would think that the evidence that Dr. Arazi, Dr. Om Gandhi and the Chicago Tribune provided that showed many cell phones are in violation of both Safety Code 6 and the FCC guidelines would be significant given the defendant’s reliance on the “protective” SAR limits. (see lawsuit below)


“In 2001 and 2002, Michael Patrick Murray and five other people, all of whom had brain tumors located beneath where they had held their cell phones, sued the telecommunications industry for damages. In 2010 and 2011, seven more brain cancer victims joined the case as additional plaintiffs. The defendants represent most of the American telecommunications industry: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Bell South, Bell Atlantic, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, SONY, Sanyo, Nokia, the CTIA, the FCC, and dozens of other telecom companies.”


Here is the Court of Appeals case as of 2009. The current case may be somewhat different but this probably is the basis of the current one. This sounds like the type of lawsuits that finally brought the tobacco industry to admit its product was dangerous and they knew it.

District of Columbia Court of Appeals.
Michael Patrick MURRAY, et al., Appellants, v. MOTOROLA, INC., et al., Appellees

“Plaintiffs allege that Motorola et al. have long been aware of numerous studies revealing that the radio frequency emissions (“RF emissions” or “RF radiation”) from cell phones have both thermal and non-thermal effects that are severely harmful to human health.

For example, according to plaintiffs, the studies leave room for no dispute that the thermal effects of RF radiation can cause tissue destruction, a precursor to cancer.   Deliberately suppressing such studies, plaintiffs allege, defendants “set about to co-op [sic] the federal agencies which had the jurisdiction to force the industry to prove the safety of cell phones.”   According to plaintiffs, the cell-phone companies ultimately succeeded in “manipulat[ing] the research” of the American National Standards Institutes (“ANSI”) and in causing cell phones initially to be “excluded from any testing, compliance, or monitoring by any safety standard, government agency, or regulatory body.””


2) The Federal Government and Telus are “investing” in “high-speed internet”, aka 5G, to rural areas of Alberta. It’s convenient to use COVID to justify this rapid spread of wireless.

Universal Broadband Fund-supported projects will bring high-speed Internet to Alberta communities

“Today, the Honourable Jim Carr, Special Representative for the Prairies, on behalf of the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development, announced over $5.4 million in federal funding for projects to bring high-speed Internet to rural residents of northern, central and southern Alberta, with an additional investment of approximately $3.7 million from TELUS. These projects will help connect 5,080 underserved households to high-speed Internet.”


3) The US Military has great interest in, and use for, 5G and it’s amazing how the public is paying to have it installed all over North America.

The U.S. Military Connection to 5G and Why Americans Should Be Concerned About Deployment on Land and in Space

“Military experts foresee that the 5G system will play an essential role for the use of hypersonic weapons—missiles, including those bearing nuclear warheads, which travel at a speed superior to Mach 5…in order to guide them on variable trajectories, changing direction in a fraction of a second to avoid interceptor missiles,” says an article headed “The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology.” Written by Manlio Dinucci, it first appeared in 2019 in the Italian web newspaper, Il Manifesto, with an English version published by Global Research.

The article cites a report, “Defense Applications of 5G Network Technology,” issued by “the Defense Science Board, a federal committee which provides scientific advice for the Pentagon.” It quoted the report as stating: The emergence of 5G technology, now commercially available, offers the Department of Defense the opportunity to take advantage, at minimal cost, of the benefits of this system for its own operational requirements.”

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4) And now for something truly mind-boggling. Here is a great reason for 5G — remote tatooing.

The World’s first remote tatoo

“To showcase the speed, reliability and low latency of T-Mobile’s 5G network by tattooing someone remotely in real-time over a wireless 5G connection.”



From: Victor Leach (a public letter)
Sent: March 15, 2021
To: Victor Leach
Subject: FW: [New post] This is Big News from USA: Yet another expert considers RF as probably carcinogenic

Hi All,

This is a really interesting blog from Dariusz; see below. The report is by Christopher J Portier downloadable from this link:


Checking the ORSAA database CJ. Portier has previously been a co-author on two review papers funded by Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM) and by the Intramural Research Program of the NIH, US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Dariusz in his blog gives more detail.

On page 109 Summary of Bradford Hill Evaluation.

We did a similar evaluation at ORSAA and presented our findings at the 5th Asian and Oceanic Congress on Radiation Protection – AOCRP5 in 2018; attached, (https://tinyurl.com/2x5jy6pb) We agree with Dr Portier’s findings the evidence is strong.


We should not be waiting for the new IARC WHO cancer classification which will occur sometime in the next 2 years but we should be warning mobile phone users now about taking precautions.


Victor Leach

(retired Radiation Health Physicist)

(ORSAA database administrator)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.”      Isaac Asimov



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