2021-03-05 TechSafe Schools 5-min. Action Plan

There will be 3 webinars, over the next week or so, covering the legal aspect/legal actions re. wireless, the biological effects of wifi, and how to move from Wi-Fi to safer hard wired options. As well, there is a template of a letter to send to Superintendents, School Board Trustees, teachers, parents…. The legal portion will all be from the US viewpoint. The fiduciary responsibility, etc. just transfers from “Administrator” to Trustees.

In BC, school boards have the sole responsibility for Wi-Fi in schools. They decide to replace fiber optic cable with it and they can decide to reverse that decision. If you send to Trustees, please make sure that you email them directly, not as a cc or bcc, and perhaps even individually. If we can make an inroad with schools, it will enable us to reach so many more people with information about EMF, 5G, and help protect so many children.

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Great News: TechSafe Schools Launched!

We are very excited to announce the award-winning environmental non-profit Grassroots Environmental Education has launched a new project, TechSafe Schools!

(Some of you may be familiar with other projects of theirs including The BabySafe Project with Yale’s Dr. Hugh Taylor, Americans for Responsible Technology, and 5GCrisis.com.)

Their goal with TechSafe Schools is to help our schools understand the legal and health risks of wireless technology, and to walk them through excellent low-risk technology solutions.


What is the TechSafe Schools Project?

The TechSafe Schools project consists of the following for you to share with your schools:

A personal letter addressed to school administrators


A legal letter from seven prominent attorneys with experience in wireless radiation and tort litigation


A short Q&A brochure about RF radiation in schools


An invitation for school officials to attend one or more of three national webinars starting next Tuesday


Click the link below for a 3-minute video.



The 5-Minute Ask

1. Call your School Superintendent’s office today. Feel free to use the following script and leave a voice message if nobody is in the office:

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. This is _______ and I am calling to ask that Superintendent ___________ or a designee attend an upcoming series of national webinars on the health and legal risks of today’s wireless technology.

The first webinar is next Tuesday, March 9th, at 1 p.m. Eastern. A team of legal experts will walk us through liability risks and what is happening right now in the courts.

On March 11th, leading world scientists will teach us the biological risks for children and adults.

On March 16th a building biologist will show us how to transition from risky wireless technology to low-risk hard-wired solutions.

I will send you an email with details. Thank you for your time, and I hope we can count on you to have our district present. Good-bye.

2. Forward this email so they can register. Feel free to edit as you see fit.

3. Please share this with friends, family, colleagues, your community and local media. See Press Release below. Social media posts can be shared from Americans for Responsible Technology.

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Press Release

Team of Expert Attorneys Advises School Officials
to Take Steps to Avoid Potential Liability

Student Exposure to Wireless Radiation
“TechSafe Schools” Aims to Reduce

(New York) A team of distinguished attorneys with experience in telecommunications and tort litigation has sent a letter to several hundred public and private schools in the Northeast, notifying school administrators of the potential for legal liability if they fail to take steps to protect the health and safety of students under their care by reducing exposure to radiofrequency radiation (“RF radiation”) emitted by wireless networks, laptops, tablets and other wireless devices.

The letter is one part of a multi-pronged advocacy initiative known as TechSafe Schools, which provides school administrators with recent scientific studies documenting harm from exposure, and includes detailed technical instructions for school IT personnel to mitigate exposures.

“Decades of research have demonstrated how chronic exposure to RF radiation can impact human health, and why children’s developing bodies are uniquely vulnerable,” says Patricia Wood, Executive Director of non-profit Grassroots Environmental Education which designed the program. Ms. Wood is the recipient of the EPA’s National Children’s Environmental Health Excellence Award and a Visiting Scholar at Adelphi University. “This program promotes wired access to the internet, which is faster, more reliable and secure, and comes with none of the potential problems associated with wireless technologies.”

“Accumulated peer-reviewed scientific evidence clearly confirms that current government standards are inadequate to protect our children – and the rest of us,” says Dr. Devra Lee Davis, founder and President of Environmental Health Trust (EHTrust.org), which helped to provide scientific studies for the TechSafeSchools website. “Wireless microwave radiation can damage basic biological processes, and the push to increase wireless exposures in schools constitutes a massive uncontrolled experiment with our children as the subjects.”

“A substantial body of evidence builds a prima facie legal case for heightened vigilance and fiduciary responsibility on the part of school administrators, school boards and parents,” says Julian Gresser, twice Visiting Mitsubishi Professor at Harvard Law School who is leading the TechSafe Schools legal team. “Our goal is to chart a clear path of collaboration among all parties to create a ’21st Century Resilient Classroom,’ where students and teachers have access to the best and fastest technology available, but without jeopardizing their health and well being.”

Three national informational webinars, open to both school officials and members of the press, are part of the TechSafe Schools project:

On March 9th, a team of attorneys will present legal information and answer questions;
On March 11th, a medical and scientific panel will present the latest information on the links between exposure to wireless radiation and human health;
On March 16th, an expert on radio-frequency mitigation will answer technical questions about mitigation techniques.

The webinars are open to school officials and members of the press. Reservations and more information at www.TechSafeSchools.org/webinars.

About Grassroots

Grassroots Environmental Education is an award-winning non-profit organization with a focus on environmental toxins and exposures and their impact on human health, especially children. More information at the organization’s websitewww.Grassrootsinfo.org. 

Copyright © 2021 Grassroots Communications, All rights reserved.

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If you’d like to do a little more, please contact your school nurses too, and town administrators and ask them to attend. They may wish to have their municipal attorney join in too.

I spoke with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education office of Commissioner Riley yesterday, as well as the Massachusetts Association of School Committees and the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Feel free to contact your state-level education authorities as well.

If you have loved ones in college, please contact the President’s office and extend this invitation too. The industry often targets universities for cell towers, and with the mental health epidemic on campus, they may be eager to understand the significant role of wireless radiation in these neurological illnesses.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,


Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, MTPW, BA
Technology Safety Educator
Director, Massachusetts for Safe Technology
Founder, Understanding EMFs
Education Services Director, Wireless Education
Outreach Coordinator, EMF Medical Conference 2021
City of Boston Legal Comment to FCC
HiBR Conference @ NIH
Expert Forum on Wi-fi in Schools
Municipal Presentation on 5G & EMFs
Additional YouTube EMF Talks
Generation Zapped Award-Winning Film


Sharon Noble,  Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters



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