2021-02-26 Devra Davis re. FCC’s antiquated standards

1) In a opinion piece for the Washington Times, Dr. Devra Davis asks why the FCC is allowed to use 1996 safety standards on wireless devices that did not exist until years later. The same thing is true with Safety Code 6 essentially. Many experts have called SC 6 inadequate, out of date, and “antiquated”. Neither guideline applies to non-thermal radiation (EMF) emitted by the many wireless transmitters, phones, etc. in wide use by all ages today.

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Why I’m challenging the FCC about antiquated safety standards for wireless devices

“Would you let your family fly in a plane or ride in a bus that meets 25-year-old safety standards? Yet, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assures us that wireless devices that meet last-century standards can safely be used by infants, toddlers and the rest of us.

During a fascinating hearing before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Jan. 25, the FCC maintained that 1996 standards can safely apply to testing devices many of which did not exist when those standards were first established.

The FCC readily concedes it is not a health agency. For health advice, it relies on the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)….”


2) Re. BC Hydro. We will continue to pay the price for the Liberal’s “Clean Energy Act” for decades to come. First, dangerous smeters on our homes without any options. Second, the financial burden of Site C. Both done without any regulatory input by the BCUC. Now Premier Horgan has decided that we should be in debt for $16 billion instead of $10 billion to build a dangerous, unnecessary dam that destroys farmland and habitat. Shouldn’t such significant programs have had public input, perhaps via referendum, as done in other jurisdictions?

Cost of B.C.’s Site C dam balloons to $16 billion as Horgan vows completion amid geotechnical concerns

“Construction of the troubled Site C hydro project on B.C.’s Peace River will continue with a new price tag of $16 billion and a one-year delay in completion, B.C. Premier John Horgan announced on Friday, saying that two independent experts have confirmed it is safe to proceed despite the dam’s weak foundation.

“Today I am confirming that the Site C Dam Clean Energy Project will be completed,” Horgan said. “I believe today we’ve made the right decision,” he said, adding that cancelling the project now would have “left us with a $10-billion debt and nothing to show for it.””

The most expensive dam in Canadian history: cost of B.C.’s Site C dam balloons to $16 billion


3) Katie Singer has written another Dear Greta letter:

Counterbalancing use of electronics by connecting with the earth

“To counterbalance our digital impacts, could we strengthen our relationship to the Earth? Could we re-learn traditional, non-electric skills and develop our humanness—as we have children, grow and prepare food, educate ourselves, heal wounds and illnesses, use transportation and attend to end-of-life issues?

Here are a few steps toward counterbalancing our technology use:”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”      George Bernard Shaw


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