2021-02-22 Media censorship re. 5G

1) It is rare to see an article in the media about any EMF issues. That is why the recent article in Maclean’s was so surprising.

[1) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-02-15-macleans-on-5g/]

The telecoms do a great job of advertising, selling their products and making them highly desired, resulting in people not wanting to learn that their gadgets could be harming them, even addicting them.

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Censorship in plain sight* by the mainstream news media

“The hidden in plain sight censorship refers to simply common ignoring news stories that are negative for the 5G.
So, if anybody naïvely wonders why there are published so many stories in the mainstream news media about the miracle of 5G, do not wonder anymore.

This is because of the censorship in plain sight of 5G-critical opinions.

As society we have become blinded by the vision of miraculous eldorado and heaven on earth (sarcasm intended) that will be brought to humanity by the 5G of the wireless communications industry. We, as society, do not think that we are flying blind.

Anyone who contests the 5G becomes pariah.”


Insightful comment from Carl Blackman

“Carl Blackman is one of the Founding Members of the Bioelectromagnetics Society. He was also the President of the Society in 1990/91 and, in 2014, Carl was awarded the highest scientific prize of the Society – the d’Arsonval Award.

It would seem that with all the money that is going into this 5G development, some funds should be awarded to independent scientists to do tests to determine what if any biological changes might occur in humans, and/or animal surrogates, before the fields are placed into the human environment. This is such a simple thing to do as a logical precaution, that in concerns me that it hasn’t been done.”


2) Dr. Marc Arazi sent his book about Phonegate to the President of France and received a personal thank you, with a promise that it will be read. Can you imagine such a reception even by a Mayor or MLA? Why don’t we dare them to be as responsible and responsive as President Macron?

Message from the French President following the sending of the book “Phonegate”.


3) Some of our colleagues in Quebec introduced me to the author of this very interesting article re. 5G and probable health effects.

The 5G communication system – Expect skin and general health problems

“The proposed 26 GHz transmitters increase the risk of skin damage and disruption of physiological functions due to non-thermal effects. The skin is a large, delicate, thin and fragile organ. The recently updated ICNIRP exposure limits do not take into account the special position and functions of the skin. There are effects of 5G radiation on biological matter, but a link between physiological effects and health problems is not being sought. It is time to set up a ‘task force’ to specifically elucidate the effects of 5G radiation on the skin and on well-being – and adjust the exposure limits accordingly”.

Click to access The%205G%20communication%20system%20-%20Expect%20skin%20and%20general%20health%20problems.pdf


or   https://tinyurl.com/yxf4pseq


I just learned today that in most school districts, the Trustees do not get emails that are “mass mailed”, that is if the Trustees are cc’d. So when you are writing to any Trustee or, I suspect this to be true, to any politician.


From: “Safetecinschools” <citizens4safetec@gmail.com>
To: edit@kelownacapnews.com
Cc: “Moyra Baxter” <Moyra.Baxter@sd23.bc.ca>, “Amy Geistlinger” <Amy.Geistlinger@sd23.bc.ca>, “lee-ann tiede” <lee-ann.tiede@sd23.bc.ca>, “Chantelle Desrosiers” <Chantelle.Desrosiers@sd23.bc.ca>, “Julia Fraser” <Julia.Fraser@sd23.bc.ca>, “rolli cacchioni” <rolli.cacchioni@sd23.bc.ca>, “Kevin Kaardal” <Kevin.Kaardal@sd23.bc.ca>, tmooring@bctf.ca, “educ minister” <educ.minister@gov.bc.ca>, “DM Education” <DM.Education@gov.bc.ca>, “Sally Barton” <Sally.Barton@gov.bc.ca>, “Devra Davis” <ddavis@ehtrust.org>
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2021 7:20:07 PM
Subject: Radiation risk to Central Okanagan students’ presentation rejected

Dear Barry Gerding,

Re: Radiation risk to Central Okanagan students’ presentation rejected


We would like to applaud School Trustee, Amy Geistlinger for taking the initiative to try to education the trustees of Central Okanagan Public Schools on the health effects of mandatory exposure of microwave radiation in our schools. It takes leadership to challenge what is popular and address the need for more education on the safe use of wireless technology.

Amy Giestlinger has done her due diligence by asking for all credible health information be presented to the trustees from qualified experts, nationally and internationally, who emphasize children’s heightened vulnerabilities and the need for “precautionary” measures to reduce exposure and the risk of permanent health effects.

It is obvious that Amy Giestlinger is trying in good faith to fulfill her moral and legal obligation, to protect our children, while under her care in our schools.

Parents, teachers and students who have expressed their concerns in the past, only to have them ignored, would like to Thank You Amy!


Janis Hoffmann (name given with permission)

Parents for Safe Schools

Letter submitted to all BC School Trustees from Scientist and Medical Expert, Dr. Devra Davis

Click to access Letter-to-Colleges-and-Schools-2020-letter-on-Wi-Fi-and-Cell-Phones-.pdf



From: X
To: “barry gerding” <barry.gerding@kelownacapnews.com>
Cc: “moyra baxter” <moyra.baxter@sd23.bc.ca>, “norah bowman” <norah.bowman@sd23.bc.ca>, “julie fraser” <julie.fraser@sd23.bc.ca>, “amy geistlinger” <amy.geistlinger@sd23.bc.ca>, “chantelle desrosiers” <chantelle.desrosiers@sd23.bc.ca>, “rolli cacchioni” <rolli.cacchioni@sd23.bc.ca>, “Lee-ann Tiede” <Lee-ann.Tiede@sd23.bc.ca>
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2021 1:02:18 PM
Subject: Misstatements in article

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to Barry Gerding’s disappointing article ‘Radiation risk to Central Okanagan students presentation rejected’ published Feb 11, 2021. The article covers how Central Okanagan school trustees Amy Geistlinger’s suggestion of potential harm to students from microwave radiation in schools was derailed, then dismissed, by the usual assortment of well-credentialed people.

I had a brain tumor removed in 2010 and have studied the area of ‘wireless’ since. Any intelligent person who examines the health impacts of wireless radiation in an unbiased manner will come to the conclusion of potentially lethal long-term harm. It is not possible to come to any other conclusion, unless you willingly allow yourself to be deceived.  [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/brain-cancer/]

There is rampant corruption in our public health agencies which, as with asbestos, tobacco, and many other products, have been captured by corporate interests.

Devra Davis is globally known and highly respected by scientific experts around the world in this field, and the laughable suggestion that a local trustee with a PhD in English is better qualified to speak on this topic suggests a dangerous level of arrogance and delusion. But I suspect this board is little different than the many city councils and other groups we’ve spoken to which are mired in conflicts of interest or otherwise unable or unwilling to review any information that threatens their self-interest, no matter how well documented and impeccable the presenter’s credentials may be.

If Devra Davis did agree to speak to your board, and I’d be surprised if she has the time, I suggest you put your judgements aside and listen carefully. That would indeed be an honor for your group. The child or grandchild she saves may be your own.

Geistlinger should be thanked and respected for making this suggestion and not quietly murdered by ostracism. Leadership now comes from the bottom, not the top, and as our society disintegrates around us on a daily basis due to the lack of truth, we need more courageous people willing to step out of line and question our assumptions.

The central problem here is the propaganda we’ve come to accept over the years as ‘news’. If our mainstream media had been honestly reporting on the dangers of microwave radiation, the potential issues for students would be self-evident to all trustees, and Geistlinger’s martyrdom unnecessary.

Black Press has a history of insulting people questioning their wireless advertiser’s safety, and the author’s subtle derogatory references to both Davis and Geistlinger in this article is not surprising. Citizens seeking the truth on such topics must be prepared to go far beyond the shallow coverage provided by this type of advertising media.


Maple Ridge, BC


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.” Robert Collier



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