2021-02-17 Bent scientist disqualified by IARC

1) A webinar on Thursday, Feb. 25, 5 :00 PT — how the complexities of the telecoms aggressive5G rollout have been addressed in several US states. We might learn of some strategies we can use in BC and Canada. You must register at the link below.

8pm EST next Thursday, February 25th, Americans for Responsible Technology will host its first local 5G action leadership seminar of 2021 with some of the country’s most successful and organized safe tech advocates. You’ll hear from leaders in Indiana, Massachusetts, California, New York, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands about how they’ve navigated the complexities of the telecoms’ aggressive 5G rollout plans thus far. Speakers will also discuss strategies you can employ to effectively raise awareness of 5G risks in your community and how to advocate for the enactment of local laws to better protect your area from future wireless infrastructure deployments. There will be a total of 20 minutes dedicated to Q&A during this event.”


2) Dr. Louis Slesin shares his knowledge about Alexander Lerchl, a bent scientist who has accepted many millions of dollars from the telecom industry to spread false information and to ruin reputations. The Feb. 8 update had information about the court case just decided against Lerchl, charging him with fraud:


There are many more bent scientists, some of whom have participated in panels that establish guidelines for RF exposure in many countries, including Canada. They all should be exposed and disqualified from further participation.

Lerchl’s Unattainable Prize: The IARC RF Panel

A Chance To Vote on RF–Cancer Link But Disqualified for Having Ties to Industry

Lerchl, a professor at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, was making a name for himself as a self-appointed debunker of claims of radiation health effects. (His actions would later backfire and lead to his censure.) Lerchl craved to be invited to Lyon, but IARC would not have him. His ties to the telecom industry disqualified him, the cancer agency decided. IARC didn’t trust Lerchl to be fair and impartial.” be fair and impartial.”


3) A newsletter from Stop 5G International with lots of good ideas and information. Of special note is an open letter from Dr. Devra Davis written to be shared widely. Please consider sending to groups with whom you are associated as well as politicians who work for you at all levels.

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Open Letter on Health and Environmental Impacts by Dr. Devra Davis — To Be Shared Around the World

“World-renowned for her work in raising awareness about the impacts of wireless radiation on health, the environment, and climate change, Dr. Davis has written a comprehensive, science based 13-page letter with an extensive bibliography on why governments, environmental groups, other NGOs, and the public at large may urgently wish to reconsider our technology trajectory into the future.

We invite people to submit this letter to elected officials, governmental agencies, environmental organizations, other NGOs, schools, houses of worship etc. in a coordinated fashion around the world between now and the March 19th/20th 5G Global Days of Action. No worry if more than one person submits Dr. Davis’s Letter to a given person or organization – the more they hear from us, the better.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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