2021-02-05 Cardiologists warning about iPhone12

1) Dr. Marc Arazi’s evidence that many of the most popular cell phones are in violation of French RF guidelines is being removed from the internet, most likely by the telecom industry. If the public knows about this, some may be more concerned about buying these gadgets.

[Press release] French Wikipedia deletes “Phonegate” scandal page

“Since January 13, 2021, you will no longer find any reference to the Phonegate industrial and health scandal in the French Wikipedia encyclopedia. The “Phonegate” page created in October 2018 (https://www.phonegatealert.org/en/the-phonegate-scandal-makes-its-entry-in-the-french-wikipedia) and renamed “Marketing of non-compliant cell phones” has been removed. (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonegate) Hundreds of hours of work have now been wiped out with one click!

This decision shows just how much of a problem the presence of this information poses for cell phone manufacturers and, beyond that, for public authorities. Since the publication of the page, some Wikipedia contributors have done everything possible to minimize the impact of this global scandal. They have come to an end.”

[Press release] French Wikipedia deletes “Phonegate” scandal page


2) The warnings about the iPhone12′ s interfering with medical implants by cardiologists. I wonder if these phones would interfere with deep brain implants or other medical devices. I have yet to see anything about this possibility.

Cardiologists: iPhone 12 can deactivate defibrillators, pacemakers

“Cardiologists at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit say they discovered that the iPhone 12 has the ability to deactivate implantable cardiac devices when held too close to a person’s chest….

The health system says the phone’s magnet can turn off heart defibrillators and can cause a pacemaker to deliver electrical impulses that could drive heartbeats out of sync.”


3) It is common knowledge that insects are disappearing at alarming rates, especially our pollinators. Most studies concentrate on pesticides and agricultural practices. But more and more evidence is available that EMR is a substantial factor in this threat to our survival, and the small milliwaves planned for use by 5G technology will cause even greater harm. This paper lays out that evidence, some of which has been available for decades. It’s time for the precautionary principle.

Electromagnetic radiation as an emerging driver factor for the decline of insects

Click to access EMR-as-an-emerging-driver-factor-for-the-decline-of-insects-by-Alfonso-Balmori-Elsevier-December-29-2020.pdf



From: Janis Hoffmann (name given with permission)
To: “educ minister” <educ.minister@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: Friday, February 5, 2021 12:34:54 PM
Subject: #3 Dear BC Minister of Education will you allow parents to make an informed decision on the use of wireless technology in our schools?

Dear BC Minister of Education, Jennifer Whiteside,

– Did you know that talking on your cell phone 2-1/2 hours a month (not more than 30 minutes a week) is considered “a heavy user”?

– Did you know a Canadian study found 558 hours of cell phone use can more than double the risk of brain cancer?

– Did you know the Chicago Tribune recently did an independent investigation into the cell phone scandal (Phonegate) and confirmed the findings that iPhone 7 and other smart phones exceeded the Safety Code 6 guidelines for radiation exposure?

– Did you know Apple and Samsung are knowingly selling products that exceed allowable radiation limits and have failed to warn its consumers regarding radiation risks and the need to keep the phone at a safe distance away from the body?

– Did you know the Chicago investigation also confirmed what the French National Agency has warned about for some time that 90% of all the major cell phones tested (more than 450) emitted significantly higher levels of radiation exceeding the safety compliance standards, up to 5 times the current guidelines when phones are tested as they are used in real life?

– Did you know a recent study by Professor Om Gandhi examined data from 450 cell phones and also confirmed that the phone can exceed the guidelines and emitted up to 11 times over the US FCC limit when used under realistic conditions?

– Did you know the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), has failed to do its due diligence by allowing cell phones to be brought onto the market without any independent, practical/realistic-use safety testing?

– Did you know the manufacturers of cell phones are allowed to self report and only have to submit a sample of a one new phone, sent directly from the factory, to comply with exposure standards that have been set by the industry?

– Did you know Rob Fleming, previous Minister of Education, had refused to follow Ontario’s lead and ban cell phones and personal devices in our schools, when his child is attending the only school in Victoria with a cell phone ban?

– Did you know Rob Fleming has denied parents the opportunity to make an informed decision for their children, on the cell phone ban in BC?

Our question is: Will you allow parents to make an informed decision on the use of wireless technology in our schools?


Janis Hoffmann

Parents for Safe Schools


Canadian Study Finds Cell Phone Use Increases Risk For Brain Cancer


[Press Release] Revelation of the Chicago Tribune on the tests of the most popular cell phones in the United States.

Click to access FCC-letter-20-march-2018.pdf

[Press release] The flaws in the control of mobile phones by European and international authorities




Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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