2021-01-26 Help requested to prevent Telus from stopping FOC on Discovery Islands

1) A few days ago, I shared an article about a woman in Halifax who received a horrendously high water bill that could not be explained [3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-01-21-satellites-approved-for-no-canada/]. The utility claimed “smart meters do not make mistakes”. There have been many other instances of smeters resulting in abnormally and inexplicable bills for electricity and water. In Baltimore, Maryland meter readers are being kept on because (it appears) the ITRON smeters cannot be trusted.

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Scott’s first action on the water billing problem – rehiring meter readers

“Less clear was the administration’s assessment of longstanding water billing problems, which include commercial customers with unpaid bills that sometimes amount to millions of dollars.

Until raised by a reporter, the city’s “smart meters,” which were described in a recent city-county Inspector Generals report as substandard and poorly installed by Itron, were not mentioned.”


2) In addition to concerns for health and the lack of economic justification, now a government report warns that 5G will do significant damage to France’s effort to reduce greenhouse emissions.

5G Rollout in France Would Cause Big Increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

France’s High Council on Climate recommended government officials impose carbon footprint limits on 5G phone operators and educate the public about the ecological toll of digital technology.

5G networks could be responsible for an extra 3 – 7 billion tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere, according to a report published last month by France’s High Council on Climate.”

5G Rollout in France Would Cause Big Increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions


3) If you live in the Discovery Islands area, there is a request for your help in stopping Telus from getting a toehold that will prevent federal assistance for fiber optic cable via Connected Communities. This was posted by Jim Abram on facebook:


Well this could be one of the longer posts I put up on Facebook but I hope you will all read ALL of it. First I am going to post what I put as a Report in the Discovery Islander last Friday. It will give some of the background for some of the other things of importance that I need to tell you. Here it is:
Connected Coast InitiativeI sent the DI the press release about a week ago and I believe it is on the DI website. It basically announces that we have issued the contract to the cable layers for the back bone fibre cable that will go from Prince Rupert to Vancouver and down both sides of Vancouver Island. We are going to be some of the first seven starting in the Campbell River area! We have landing sites for fibre all around Quadra and for Surge Narrows, Granite Bay and Blind Channel. This is very exciting!We are also in the final stages of getting Last Mile funding (to get it to your house) and we will know about that soon.The caution I want to throw out there is that the funding depends on “unserved areas”. SO, the caution is that Telus is now actively going out and trying to put up towers in these unserved areas so they can say they are served and we won’t get the funding. They have already approached landowners on Quadra with very lucrative offers to be able to put up towers. What they have not taken into account is that all towers WILL require a land use rezoning. So you as residents will have a say: Do you want a multi hundred foot tower in your neighbourhood? The plot has definitely thickened. This is very upsetting since I have lobbied them for twenty years to improve service and they have always said there wasn’t a business case. Now that we come in as the COMPETITION, there is a business case… pretty suspect, if you ask me!
Well guess what!?! Friday, Telus/Mascon sent the CIRA a beautiful map of where they have 50/10 at the houses. The map below shows the map that they sent and suggests that all of the green line has 50/10 service provided right now. They wanted us to do a mail out to 400 homes in the Heriot Bay core and ask each of them to do a screen shot to prove that they did or didn’t have 50/10 service. We were all poised to do that but realized it was next to impossible in this COVID environment, going door to door, collecting screenshots of speed tests, etc. So hopelessness set in. Today I came up with the idea to prove the Telus map wrong and got approval from our CAO, Dave Leitch to put this idea out there.The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is the holder of the funds for Last Mile. Their criteria says that they cannot fund over top of existing services. So if internet service in the range of 50mb download and 10 mb upload (50/10) already exists at the home it invalidates our application for the funding.
I am asking anyone that is along those green lines that is not receiving 50/10 service to please do a speed test while using your computer and take a screen shot and send it to me immediately. WE NEED THIS INFORMATION NOW ! I realize this is an extra burden on you but think of the pain in the butt it is causing me. I really didn’t need this misrepresentation to be put out here right at a funding application deadline. We only have until the 31st to get this in, so please help and hurry! \
This is complete misrepresentation and the CIRA has bought it. So now we have to prove that a multi-million dollar corporation is wrong. We have no staff for this.. only me and all of you… Can we do it. Please let’s try… I see postings everyday about lack of service in these service areas. So prove it! Send that screen shot pronto!
I see postings everyday about lack of service in these service areas. So prove it! Send that screen shot pronto! (ignore that dark shape… the green line continues)
The CIRA holds the funds,not Telus…
I WANT TO RESPECTFULLY EMPHASIZE! THIS IS NOT A DEBATE/CONVERSATION…. This is a request. If you have important questions, please ask. Otherwise, just send that screen shot.
If you know of people that do not read this site, please pass on the info.
I need to complie and sent to SRD….please include your address!”
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I would strongly recommend that people living in other BC coastal regions, where Connected Communities intend to offer fiber optic service, to spread the word to neighbours and friends about what is happening — help to educate them about the advantages of fiber optic cable. Also keep an eye on local newspapers, your Council’s or Regional District’s website for information about Telus’s plans to make wireless internet the only option.

For those living on Quadra Island, get involved in the process now while Telus needs to get a rezoning application approved. Warn the land owners of the dangers associated with living near a cell tower (see 3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-01-23-spacex-satellite-service-in-canada/), tell them about insurance companies refusing to insure — leaving them holding the bag when people sue due to harm, etc.

4) A chuckle that might be truer than some “smart” home owners want to believe.

This is too funny

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAKwqUncmmU&feature=emb_logo   (video 1:07 min.)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”   Nikos Kazantzakis




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