2021-01-25 Press Conference re. FCC legal action on Tuesday

1) Today, Dr. Devra Davis held a press conference about the briefs submitted today against the FCC. Unfortunately, it was not announced until this morning. I will share a recording when it is made available. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Children’s Health Defense, which is partnering with Environmental Health Trust on this legal action, will be holding a press conference at 2:00 pm PST. You must register to participate. By all accounts, the oral arguments were well-received, with the judges well-informed, obviously having read many of the 11,000 pages of evidence submitted.

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CHD v FCC Press Conference
January 26th, 5 pm ET/ 2 pm PST
Join CHD’s legal team Discussion of 1/25 Oral Arguments


2) One of the major health issues that have been associated with exposure to EMR, especially cell phones, is male fertility. Dr. Moskowitz has posted several studies on this topic on his website.

Effect of Mobile Phones on Sperm Quality

Recently, a decreasing rate of fertility has to be credited to an array of factors such as environmental, health and lifestyle. Male infertility is likely to be affected by the strong exposure to heat and radiations. The most common sources of nonionizing radiations are cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi and microwave ovens, which may participate to the cause of male infertility. One of the major sources of daily exposure to non-ionizing radiation is mobile phones. A mobile phone is now basically dominating our daily life through better services such as connectivity, smartphone devices. However, the health consequences are linked with their usage are frequently ignored. Constant exposure to non-ionizing radiations produced from a cell phone is one of the possible reasons for growing male infertility. Recently, several studies have shown that cell phone users have altered sperm parameters causing declining reproductive health.”


3) A Swiss group of experts convened by the Swiss government has just published a special report after reviewing existing research, concluding that exposure to low doses of EMR can cause serious health problems, especially to those with pre-existing conditions, compromised immune systems, the young and the elderly. Apparently, one of the persons in this group is a member of ICNIRP — the unofficial, self-monitored, often industry-affiliated or -sympathetic RF exposure setting group. It would be interesting to see what his input was.

Special Issue: BERENIS – The Swiss expert group on electromagnetic fields and non-ionising radiation

“Aiming at an up-to-date assessment of a possible correlation between oxidative stress and exposure to magnetic and electromagnetic fields and their putative effects on health, this topic is revisited here by identifying and summarizing recent and relevant animal and cell studies. This primarily involves experimental data of animals and cultured cells from peer-reviewed publications (about 150 studies in total) in the period 2010-2020.,,,

In addition to the considerable literature on the influence of EMF on the nervous, immune and reproductive systems, there are also a number of studies on oxidative stress in other organs and cell types….

Again, a preexisting disease led to more pronounced effects in various organs, while in exposed cell cultures or primary cells, induction of oxidative stress by EMF were dependent on the cell type….

In summary, the majority of the animal and more than half of the cell studies provided evidence of increased oxidative stress caused by RF-EMF or ELF-MF.

Click to access Newsletter-BERENIS-Special-Issue-January-2021.pdf


4) Thanks to a member for obtaining the incident reports involving smeters overheating or being involved in fires for the periods July 1- Dec 31/2019 and Jan 1-June 30/2020. The reports have been required because of a complaint I made in 2018 regarding lack of tracking. Frankly, these incident reports leave a lot to be desired. For example: in each report, more than 200 smeters either were destroyed in the fire (they are combustible) or removed by BC Hydro.

In my investigations, it was often reported that smeters were removed by BC Hydro and couldn’t be inspected, even though it is illegal to remove anything from the scene of a fire before the inspection has been completed. So even when no other cause of the fire could be found, the Inspector had to report “unknown cause”.

I believe (fear) that smeters continue to cause fires. And now, as smeters are being replaced due to expiration of life span or to update models, we face installation issues again, especially if BC Hydro has hired people off the street to do the job as Corix did initially.

Note that in most incident reports (each of which covers 6 months), there have been 20-30 meter and/or meter base incidents yet, in the chart, only “meter base” is a listed option.

When some smeters are sent to ITRON, what happens? When I asked a couple of years ago, I was told that ITRON would replace it. No information about there being a possible defect was provided.

July 01-December 31, 2019 –  https://www.bchydro.com/content/dam/BCHydro/customer-portal/documents/corporate/regulatory-planning-documents/regulatory-filings/reports/00-2020-01-30-smis-report-7.pdf


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We learned that economic growth and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.”  Christopher Dodd



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