2021-01-19 5G activated in Tampa airport

1) A webinar from Brussels on Wed., 6-8pm Brussels time. There are 9 hrs. difference between Victoria, BC and Brussels. I have asked if this will be recorded so that I can share for people to watch at a convenient time.

[Belgium] Follow the webinar on 5G organised by MP Véronique Lefrancq

On Wednesday January 20, 2021 from 6 to 8 pm, via Facebook live, you can meet the guests of the Brussels MP, Véronique Lefrancq, to talk about the theme: “5G: what impact on health?”. Dr Marc Arazi will represent our organisation and will debate on this occasion the health consequences of the Phonegate industrial scandal.

The link to follow the FB live:



or   https://tinyurl.com/yyd3ev24

2) From what we’ve learned so far, one of the prime purposes for the 5G grid is to gather data, send it (from homes this is sent via the smeter) via the Internet of Things to the Cloud, where it can reach third, fourth, etc parties without our having given permission or even knowing. “Smart” devices and appliances have the ability to do this by selling customers on the convenience and novelty, similar to the way people have been sold on the notion that cellphones and Wi-Fi are safe and necessary in this “21st century” world.

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The FBI Says Your “Smart TV” is Watching and Listening to You. How to Stop That and Reduce Its Harmful Radiation Emissions


3) Despite there being grave concerns about the dangers associated with 5G re. both health and aviation safety, 5G is being activated in the Tampa, Florida airport, supposedly so customers can download movies more quickly and find their ways around the airport. And, apparently, more airports are to follow. Are the risks really worth having a movie on the cell phone a few seconds faster or not having to read directions on the signs showing locations and updates?

AT&T’s mmWave 5G takes off at Tampa airport

“Tampa International (TPA) is the first airport announced but AT&T said it’s been working to deploy mmWave 5G – branded 5G+ – in airports across the country. Other locations haven’t been disclosed yet.

The rollout used spectrum in the 39 GHz band and comes ahead of Super Bowl LV, which takes place in Tampa at the Raymond James Stadium on February 7….

The high-band 5G service is meant to provide passenger connectivity for faster streaming and downloading movies, as well as logistics like navigating around the airport and flight updates. It can also help airports enhance airline operational efficiency and other operations on-site, according to AT&T.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“There’s a degree of deception in silence.”     Don Lemon



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