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1) These letters sent in 2017 to utility commissions in 6 states where Duke Energy operates supporting efforts to not force everyone to have a smeter on their homes. I did share these in 2017 but they are making the rounds again because there are still places in the USA where people are fighting the fight we lost when BC Utilities Commission chose to ignore the testimony of 6 experts and all the scientific evidence that was provided.

Perhaps it’s time to raise our voices again about smeters, which will be the backbone of the 5G grid. Soon BC Hydro and FortisBC will want to activate the second transmitter, the ZigBee chip, that will communicate with the “smart” devices in the home, gathering usage data. If this is allowed, the level of EMR in our homes will increase dramatically and our privacy will be invaded even more egregiously.

Health experts urged states to adopt a free opt-out for Duke Energy customers
• Smart meters operate with much more frequent pulses than do cell phones, increasing the potential for adverse health impacts.
• Smart meter pulses can average 9,600 times a day, and up to 190,000 signals a day. Cell phones only pulse when they are on.
• Cell phone RFR is concentrated, affecting the head or the area where the phone stored, whereas smart meter RFR affects the entire body.
• An individual can choose whether or not to use a cell phone and for what period of time. When smart meters are placed on a home the occupants have no option but to be continuously exposed to RFR.


2) 5G-International Legal Action Network is attempting to use legal means/lawsuits to stop 5G. Under the heading “Projects” on their home page are several categories for their actions, e.g. satellites, schools. This sounds like a great resource and hopefully we will benefit from some of their efforts.

5G•ILAN brings lawyers and experts together

“We are a professional network of lawyers and relevant experts, dedicated to redirecting the 5G Juggernaut toward balance and wisdom. Our species is rushing toward a future that feeds our addiction to speed, instant gratification, energy consumption, and disconnection from Earth. By creatively working together, we have a chance to cause a shift.

We are accomplishing our goal through concerted and effective legal action and education. We offer an opportunity for Human-Centered Lawyering on an international scale, based on the principle of Paying Forward, or passing the fruits of our discoveries on to others, thereby accelerating the process of new learning and practical application.”


Here are some their upcoming legal actions:

Click to access 5G-International-Legal-Action-Network-January-2021.pdf


3) Man is decimating the insect population and this article mentions a few causes: climate change, light pollution, and pesticides, but fails to mention wireless radiation. Scientists have confirmed that EMR weakens insects’ immune system (just as it does humans’), leaving them more vulnerable to disease; it disrupts navigation as well as putting cells under stress, etc. A major problem is getting the media to inform the public about EMR contributing to this significant problem just as they ignore science about this topic. The fact that EMR is endangering all life must be raised with NGOs as well as politicians, and this will only get worse once milliwave frequencies are used by 5G. Not only will there be more EMR, the shorter milliwaves will have a greater effect on these small creatures than the longer microwaves currently in use.

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Insect populations suffering death by 1000 cuts, say scientists

“The 12 new studies are published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “Nature is under siege [and] most biologists agree that the world has entered its sixth mass extinction event,” concludes the lead analysis in the package. “Insects are suffering from ‘death by a thousand cuts’ [and] severe insect declines can potentially have global ecological and economic consequences.”



From: “Safetecinschools”
To: “educ minister” <educ.minister@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2021 9:33:11 AM
Subject: #2 Dear BC Minister of Education, is microwave radiation from wireless technology safe for our children in school?

Dear BC Minister of Education, Jennifer Whiteside,

– Did you know that the Medical Definition of Microwave Sickness is: a condition of impaired health first reported in the Russian medical literature that is characterized by headaches, anxiety, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating and by changes in the cardiovascular and central nervous systems and that is held to be caused by prolonged exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation?

– Did you know that thousands of peer-reviewed studies show adverse health effects from wireless radiation exposure including cancer, neurological harm, abnormal brain development and reproductive health problems?

– Did you know that a $30 million dollar, 10-year study by the US National Toxicology Program on 2G and 3G technologies found “Clear Evidence” of cancer in the heart and brain from the prolonged exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones?

– Did you know there have been NO long-term studies done on 4G and 5G technologies?

– Did you know another long-term study by the Ramazzini Institute also found that exposure to wireless radiation from distant cell towers was associated with an increased risk of malignant heart tumors confirming the results of the NTP study?

– Did you know that a researcher, Zorach Glaser, Ph.D., spent decades archiving over 4,000 studies beginning from 1961 that examine the association of certain health issues and exposure to microwave and radio frequencies?

– Did you know that over 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields, or EMF, signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which calls for stronger RF exposure limits?

– Did you know that the BC Government, Health Officials and School Officials have willfully dismissed all credible health information presented to them from qualified experts, nationally and internationally, which emphasizes children’s heightened vulnerabilities and the need for “precautionary” measures to reduce exposure and risk from the harmful effects?

– Did you know that Canada agreed the Precautionary Principle would be implemented when an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically?

Our question is:  Can you send us ONE peer reviewed study by a scientist or medical expert stating, “exposure to microwave radiation is safe for children and the unborn.”


Janis Hoffmann (name given with permission)

Parents for Safe Schools



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”      Martin Luther King, Jr.



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