2021-01-17 SpaceX satellites & ground stations

One topic tonight: Satellites.

Hundreds of low level satellites are already circling the earth, emitting RF signals to many areas. But many thousands more are planned. Precious little scientific information has been provided about the amount of RF that will reach us, how much the already highly polluted environment will increase. This information is from a US contact but it involves everyone. Some of it is rather technical but the conclusion is that the level of RF coming from satellites is uncontrolled and will be extremely high, and the radiation from the network (satellites plus the ground stations) will be thousands of times more than is allowed by terrestrial transmitters.

The first important document is the SpaceX Radiation Hazard Report that was submitted by SpaceX to the FCC. Coincidentally, the analysis finds that the maximum exposure is exactly what is the limit allowed by FCC (and Health Canada) 1mW/cm2 or 1000 uW/cm2. This is dubious as you will see in the response, but one immediate concern is that this is the AVERAGE. That means that there are a significant proportion of signals that exceed this amount. As Dr. Pall, and others have said, it’s the peak or spike that puts the greatest stress on our cells.

Radiation Hazard Analysis

“This analysis calculates the non-ionizing radiation levels for a SpaceX fixed customer premises earth station terminal (“CP terminal”)….

Results of Analysis

This analysis demonstrates that the SpaceX CP terminal is not a radiation hazard because the terminal does not exceed the MPE limit of 1 mW/cm2 averaged over a thirty-minute period. Conclusion This radiation hazard analysis demonstrates that SpaceX CP terminals will not result in exposure levels exceeding the applicable MPE limits.”


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Two independent experts, Dr. Paul Heroux from Canada and Ben Levi, reviewed the analysis and provided a response which confirms our worst fears: the radiation from the satellite network will be dangerously high.

Declaration by Ben Levi and Paul Héroux In regard to the SpaceX Starlink™ network

“SpaceX has filed a Radiation Hazard Analysis: Fixed Customer Premises Earth Station Terminal report (“Report”) that it is utilizing as a “routine environmental evaluation” to satisfy Rule 1.307, claiming no environmental impact from its deployment of one million ground-based customer premises terminals (“CP terminals”) used to directly communicate to its Starlink satellite mega-constellation. This Declaration challenges the Report’s conclusions. It refutes SpaceX’s claim of no adverse environmental impact from the aggregated Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) exposure of its proposed one million CP terminals. This Declaration contends that an Environmental Assessment is required for the whole satellite/terrestrial program, including the blanket license to SpaceX for one million earth stations….

The maximum power density calculation was done at the Antenna Surface with Beam at Slant = 0.99 mW/cm2 which is as close to the FCC’s MPE limit as one can get (to the 2nd decimal place). It is fairly obvious that the numbers were manipulated in some fashion in order to keep the maximum just under the FCC’s MPE limit,…

The FCC is basically forcing every being on the planet to be irradiated with RFR, whether they consent to it or not. It should also be noted that research concludes there are currently no maximum transmit power limits for satellites, so the cumulative effect of tens of thousands of satellites all beaming down RFR, with no limits on power transmission, onto every living creature on Earth, is certainly something the U.S. government, and all governments, must study before subjecting the planet and all living things to RFR levels never before seen on Earth.”


Click to access Exhibit-2-Declaration-by-Ben-Levi-and-Paul-He%CC%81roux-In-regard-to-the-SpaceX-Starlink-network-May-10-2020.pdf


Ground stations will have multiple antennae and will send the signals, using milliwave frequencies, to the satellites. Where will they be in Canada? So far, I have seen nothing about this at all from the government or in the media. From the information in the analysis and response, it is clear that the level of microwave radiation will exceed the current limits for FCC and Safety Code 6.

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SpaceX is testing Starlink Ground Stations in several U.S. states

“SpaceX is building its Starlink internet network in low Earth orbit. The aerospace company plans to fund its space program by offering affordable, low-latency, broadband internet globally. SpaceX initially plans to deploy 4,409 internet-beaming Starlink satellites, according to a recent letter the company sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These satellites will operate at altitudes between 550 to 570 kilometers above Earth. To date, there are approximately 708 Starlink satellites already in low Earth orbit….

SpaceX plans to build Starlink ‘Earth Stations’ in several United States cities. The company received temporary FCC authority to test some of these ground stations in July. An FCC document reveals that SpaceX has filed for permission to operate a bit over thirty Starlink ground stations in the United States – only a few locations have been approved for testing so far. The list below are the locations where Starlink ground stations will be located (initially). SpaceX could have hundreds of these stations across the U.S. and ultimately all over the world one day. The stations will provide the linking factor between user terminals and data center for the Starlink network….

During the tests, SpaceX is granted authority to broadcast signals from the ground stations to the Starlink satellites in space using frequencies in the following Gigahertz (GHz) range: 17GHz. 18GHz, 19GHz, 28GHz, and 29GHz, according to the FCC….

SpaceX is looking forward to connecting locations on Earth where internet connection is unreliable and non-existent. The company aims to roll-out Starlink service in Northern parts of the United States and Canada before this year ends.



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