2021-01-05 Response to FCC’s proposal for 5G

1) Even before the major push for new 5G cell phones, computers, etc., the toxic waste amounts are huge, resulting in major environmental problems. A lot of this toxic waste is comprised of “conflict minerals” that are mined or dug by young children. Telecoms are hoping/planning on people throwing away their 3G and 4G phones and buying 5G phones, increasing even more this terrible problem. Some have hypothesized that selling more cell phones is one of the major reasons for the push for 5G. “Recycling” doesn’t happen.

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Researchers Say Big Tech Has to Do More to Reduce Toxic E-Waste Levels. Making Phones with Longer Life Spans Would Help

“Materials needed to make digital, electronic, and wireless devices and infrastructure are often referred to as “Conflict Minerals” because of their devastating environmental and humanitarian costs which include massive amounts of toxic Electronic Waste being added to landfills.

Earlier this year, the U.N. warned that 82% of E-Waste is NOT being recycled (see 1, 2, 3). According to one research group, tech companies need to take more responsibility in stopping this….

In 2019, nearly 153 million smartphones were sold according to Gartner, and in 2018, users were keeping their phones for about 2 years, but that time period is likely to drop as folks upgrade to 5G-capable phones.

Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit said that new influx of discarded phones isn’t easy to manage. “We don’t have the technology to take a truck full of old iPhones, molt them down, grind them up and make new iPhones out of them. It’s flat out physically impossible.”


2) Dr. Ed Kellogg has shared his response to the FCC’s proposal to fund 5G for rural areas of the US. His arguments are supported by several important studies. His arguments range from increased carbon emissions to the increased harm to human health. He includes another presentation before a public commission in the “… 2018 Science Summary”

“The FCC has failed to take into account the extremely adverse effect that 5G will have on the human carbon footprint and on climate change if adopted. This issue, the impact that digital technologies have on climate change through their carbon footprint – seems almost entirely unreported by the media – including the expected doubling of that carbon footprint should 5G replace what we currently have.  According to the Shift Project, all digital technologies accounts for 4% of all human greenhouse gas emissions, and the higher the data rate – as with 5G – the higher the environmental cost, with this figure estimated to double to 8%, 2,400 million tons of CO2 – by 2025.”

Argument Against 5G for FCC Docket No. 20 52


RF Health and Safety Research 2018 Science Summary

See from page 4 re. smeters. A lot of information that we’ve shared with BC Hydro and the BC Utilities Commission, but which was ignored. Number of emissions and amount of radiation emitted are consistently understated by the utility companies.


Here are short summaries of his concerns.

Problems with 5G, Part 1: Health Effects

How much do you think public exposure to Microwave Radiation (RF) has increased since the 1940’s? 100 times? 1,000 times? Actually, according to NASA’s data, it’s increased more than 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1018) times – a million million million fold.

Click to access Problems-with-5G-Part-1-Health-Effects-by-Ed-Kellogg-re-FCC-Docket-No.-20-52-June-17-2020.pdf


(p.50 of 51) – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TAZWOlItiNA_Jhv2gKVMePFP9kBEvQVG/view

The link in the article to the NASA data re. RF increase was not working. The information to which he was referring can be found at: https://tinyurl.com/yx98gqtc . The graph [above] shows the increase in levels of RF since the 1950s compared to the natural background level.A key to remember is that man-made radiation is significantly different from natural radiation. Natural is not modulated, does not pulse, and it is this pulsing and modulation that scientists have found to be so harmful to living things.

Problems with 5G, Part 2:
Environmental Effects

In 2019 New Scientist reported on a subject ignored by mainstream media – thincreasing impact that digital technologies have on the carbon footprint, at that time 4% of human greenhouse gas emissions.

Click to access Problems-with-5G-Part-2-Environmental-Effects-by-Ed-Kellogg-re-FCC-Docket-No.-20-52-June-17-2020.pdf



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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