2021-01-03 Cell phones, fertility and pregnancy

1) In 2012, nearly 10 years ago, a webinar included many experts speaking about cell phone radiation’s effect on fertility, etc. This link includes a webinar video which is 1 hr. 45 min. long. These effects were known long before 2012, yet cell phones still are being sold without warning labels to inform their customers about the risks they are taking. May I propose that for 2021 we set a goal of having BC (even Canada?) require that the public be given this information when buying a phone or when changing carriers, for example. This shouldn’t be hidden in back pages of manuals that no one reads. It’s a huge undertaking, but if we don’t start, it won’t get done.

Want a Baby? Experts Says Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Affects Fertility, Fetal Health, Pregnancy, and Sperm

“2012 – Experts Speak on Cell Phone Radiation, Pregnancy and Sperm”


2) Scroll down this site to find this story of a young man, 15 years old, who enjoyed wireless devices all day long for years. He was diagnosed with a glioblastoma and died 6 months after his dog, who loved to be with this young man as he played video games or streamed YouTubes via the Wi-Fi in his room. died of a brain tumor. Written by his parents, this is a cautionary tale that all parents should heed. Please, for them, share this widely so other parents and their children don’t have to suffer like this.

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Justis James (15, died May 11, 2017 from a Grade IV GBM) & Leia – near Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Justis James’ Warrior Story

“Our dog Leia died from cancer 6 months before we found out about Justis’ deadly brain tumor.

Leia had a tumor the size of a baseball in her head. She spent most of her time with Justis in his room while he played video games and streamed his favorite shows. Justis was only 4 when we got Leia and they were such close friends.

Justis had a Wi-Fi extender in his room to boost the signal from the router downstairs and he would play video games for hours. His headset and controller were wireless and the game console had an antenna in it as well….

We are positive that our dog and our son met the same fate due to our lack of understanding.”



3) If you haven’t already, I hope you will consider sending information about the upcoming EMF Medical Conference to your MD. I have sent info to all the doctors I could find working for the provincial government, e.g. Provincial Health Officers, CDC, Cancer Society, as well as those working for other provincial governments. These people are key in understanding the science that is available and the biological harm that exposure to RF can cause.

The EMF Medical Conference 2021

“EMFMC 2021 aims to equip healthcare professionals with the information and skills needed to: 1) Answer mounting patient questions about the effects of wireless signals and electricity, 2) Advocate for patients who have been harmed, and 3) Address the growing public health crisis caused by a new generation of wireless technologies being unilaterally deployed without premarket safety testing.”

The EMF Medical Conference 2021


4) The 11th “letter to Greta”, about respecting our health and that of wildlife. “Rules” established by the FCC in the US and Health Canada are outdated, based upon biased science. People are being harmed by these agencies’ lack of due diligence and failure to honour their responsibility.

The rules and regulations that define us

“Throughout civilization, people have made laws to strengthen our abilities to survive and co-exist. Rules can increase awareness of potential harms and limit them. While nobody likes being told what to do, society depends on sane rules—like children looking both ways before crossing a street….

The Precautionary Principle modernized “First, do no harm”. Developed in 1998 by scientists, farmers and breast cancer action groups, it advocates for preventive action in the face of uncertainty—like not using a pesticide, or not giving a child a laptop—when there’s a reasonable suspicion of the product’s dangers. A guideline in environmental decision making, the Precautionary Principle also advocates for shifting the burden of proof to an activity’s proponents, exploring a wide range of alternatives to possibly harmful actions, and increasing public participation in decision making.

We’ve developed technologies without the Precautionary Principle for decades. Many people believe that telecommunications are “necessary.” Now, how/could we apply the Precautionary Principle?”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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