2020-12-27 Protective Measures re. EMR

1) Some innovative ways to bring attention to 5G are being used in France.

Artists Organize Event to Protest 5G in France

” Opposition in France is growing among citizens and legislators as well (see 12).  Last month, radiation measurement devices were installed inside 5G towers and a French TV station aired a segment about health risks from 5G and wireless exposure.  Protesters also stopped trees from being cut down for a 5G antenna. More recently, artists took to the streets to demonstrate their opposition.”



2) To take protective measures to reduce the level of EMR in your home, you need a good RF meter. There are many to select from, with different features, with different prices. One of the best and cheapest things to do is to eliminate as many wireless devices as possible in your home — that you control. That includes getting landline telephones to replace cordless or cell phones, hardwiring your computer and modem. Many more suggestions are in this article. If you want to get information about RF meters, I would suggest you contact Rob Metzinger, Safe Living Technology. His email is:  rob@slt.co

How to protect yourself from 5G and non-ionizing radiation?

“When we have our meter, the temptation to start measuring antennas is very strong, although I advise starting with domestic sources, we will be surprised how the main sources of NIR are in our house, unless you have a mobile phone repeater antenna nearby with direct view from your window.

Indoor vs. outdoor pollution

Deciding to reduce our exposure to NIRs has a cost that is not quantified in money, but in knowing how to give up some comforts that we have become accustomed to over the years. But before giving some general tips for reducing NIRs in homes, let’s see which are the main domestic emission sources:…

In order to protect yourself from NIRs, it is necessary to know their sources and where they come from, as well as the reference values ​​we want to adopt. A basic meter with the indicated characteristics helps us become aware of a subtle and invisible danger, and motivates us to take corrective measures, seeing the result immediately.”

https://www.cambio16.com/como-protegerse-del-5g-y-de-las-radiaciones-no-ionizantes/    (In Spanish, translation available)

3) Magda Havas has shared the story of how she came to have the several 1,000s of studies that Dr. Zory Glazer gave to her. Many go back nearly 50 years and, until fairly recently, were classified by the US government. This is just a small portion of the entire archive that is now available, thanks to both Dr. Glazer and Dr. Havas. I strongly recommend reading the portion of the bibliography that Dr. Glazer put together in 1971-72 of more than 2300 studies that he had found that relate to biological responses to RF radiation. All in an effort to dispute the claims that exposure to non-thermal radiation is not harmful.

Zory’s Historical Archive of Microwave Radiation Effects

“At the beginning of April 2010, a friend sent me a scanned document entitled “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (‘Effects’) and Clinical Manifestations attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation.” This document first appeared on October 4, 1971, and what I received was the second printing with revisions, corrections, and additions, dated April 20, 1972. It was a Research Report (Project MF12.524.05-0004B, Report No. 2) commissioned by the Naval Medical Research Institute, and was authored by Zorach (“Zory”) R. Glaser, Ph.D., LT, MSC, USNR. On page 4 of this 106-page document, the security classification reads “unclassified”, and the distribution statement reads “This document has been approved for public release and sale; its distribution is unlimited.””

Click to access Historical-References-for-EMF-Magda-Havas-2020.pdf



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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