2020-12-22 EMF Medical Conference Honours Dr. Martin Blank

1) The EMF Medical Conference that will be held (virtually) Jan 28-31 is honoring Dr. Martin Blank who was a marvelously generous, intelligent and dedicated scientist. He lived for a while in Victoria and was a very patient and kind friend. What a great way to remember him.

“This conference is being held in honor of the late Martin Blank, PhD. (1933-2018), who is “admired in academia, government, industry and activist circles for fearless honesty and ability to explain complex cellular bioelectromagnetics with accompanying environmental effects on tech-loving societies“*.
*by B. Blake Levitt, Published in New York Times on Jun. 24, 2018.

EMFMC 2021 announces the Martin Blank Physician Scientist Award – a limited number of conference scholarships to qualified physician scientists actively working in the U.S or Canada. Apply by January 8, 2021.


2) A study and a very interesting blog sent as “Solstice” gift from Stop 5G International, all included in this link, but for ease of reference I will list them separately.


“The following blog post, To all searching hearts longing for inner peace, bliss and love as a state of consciousness, by Michael Berstecher explains in depth the impacts of Electromagnetic Radiation on the pineal gland — the gland that helps us connect to deeper levels of consciousness.”

To all searching hearts longing for inner peace, bliss and love as a state of consciousness

“In order for the personality, still identified and reduced to the first gate of access, to free itself from the illusion of identification and to fulfill its highest role as an instrument, specific mental and physical preconditions are essential.

These include a mind free of inner barriers and clutter, and a physical body purified and cleansed from environmental toxins. And it also includes optimal stimulation of our cellular metabolism by the electromagnetic frequencies found in the natural electromagnetic environment, without the overlay of artificially generated electromagnetic frequencies.

If these fundamental preconditions coexist, the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, synthesizes large levels of the endogenous molecule DMT, the essential key to opening the second gateway of experience.”



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French study finds 5G increases risk to climate

“Deployment of the new mobile internet technology is likely to cause a ‘significant increase’ in greenhouse gas emissions, an independent climate council has found…

It found that 5G technology will lead to a significant increase in the carbon footprint of digital technology.

The additional emissions will come mainly from the manufacturing of new devices – smartphones, headsets, etc. – and of network and data centre equipment.

The deployment of 5G will also lead to an increase in electricity production in France, the HCC found.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.” Robert Collier



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