2020-12-18 Is Trump’s security system making neighbour ill ?

1) Berkeley, California was the first city to fight to have a notice advising customers how to carry and use their cellphones more safely, using basically the same wording that is in every manual. It is the home of a major US university and Dr. Joel Moskowitz. Yet its Council erred by hiring a conflicted law firm to write its 5G “small cell” ordinance. They hired a firm and people who specialize in getting cell towers into communities through misinformation. They lied about the firefighters who, thanks to Susan Foster, oppose having cell towers and small cells anywhere near fire stations. And thanks to Susan Foster, Malibu Council learned about the bias of these lawyers who were misleading them, and their contract was terminated.

24 Activists Say Authors of Berkeley’s 5G Laws Had Major Conflicts of Interest

“… the outside legal counsel hired by the city to write its 5G “small cell” guidelines and ordinance is Telecom Law, with attorneys Jonathan Kramer and Robert Tripp May. We have recently received conclusive information that this law firm has a financial conflict of interest, which would explain why the language in the 5G laws the city passed last July are so weighted in favor of the telecom industry, and against the community….

Jonathan Kramer, Robert C. “Tripp” May and Lory Kendirjian are the three principals of Permit Team LLC. This company specializes in permitting cell towers. Jonathan Kramer and Tripp May are the managing partners of Telecom Law Firm PC. Lory Kendirjian is Telecom Law Firm’s Senior Paralegal and Senior Wireless Project Manager. Kramer describes Permit Team LLC as an arm’s length away from his law business. From the website about Team Members:

“Meet the Permit Team staff. Between them, they have been involved in thousands cell site permitting matters, including new build permits, modification permits, and enforcement actions””


2) A new group in Switzerland is asking why children are exposed to wireless technology in schools when there is no proven benefit to their education and there are many associated negative ramifications. Parents in BC are not told about the risks to health or possible addiction. Neither are they allowed to make informed decisions and choices about the devices used in classrooms. Often, the school had fiber optic cable providing internet access which was replaced with Wi-Fi.

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Switzerland: Geneva: New Association “RUNE” Requests Moratorium on Department of Education’s Plan for Use of Digital Technology in Primary School

“A new association has recently been established in Geneva: “RUNE” (Reflect on the use of digital technology and screens) whose purpose is to bring together parents of primary school students wanting meticulous analyses to be carried out before deciding to digitize the elementary school. “The digitization of daily life, which has become a public health issue, should not be taken lightly…

  • Should the State finance the equipment of primary schools with digital tablets, interactive whiteboards and wireless networks when the added value of using this technology in education has not been demonstrated at all?
  • What about the economic and ecological cost, and the damage to children’s health?”


3) One of the speakers at the EMF Medical Conference will be Dr. Kardaras, a psychotherapist and clinical professor, an expert on mental health and addiction.

Glow Kids – How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids – And How to Break the Trance.

“Dr. Kardaras will present an examination of the clinical aspects of screen time as he explores the research on screen time and depression, anxiety, ADHD, increased aggression and even thought disorders.”


4) A neighbour living adjacent to Trump’s Florida “white house” claims that his wireless security system is making her ill.


Trump’s elderly neighbor claims Mar-a-Lago’s security system is giving her brain injuries

Donald Trump‘s elderly Palm Beach neighbor claims a hi-tech security system shielding the President’s sprawling Mar-a-Lago estate is giving her brain injuries, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal…

It does not go into detail about the device involved but the description is consistent with the sorts of radar sensors routinely used to detect intruders at prisons, nuclear power stations and other high-risk buildings.

‘The security concerns remain of paramount importance, including issues associated with a microwave fence which is known to cause permanent brain trauma and other debilitating injuries.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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