2020-12-17 Transport Canada warns about 5G interference

1) Everywhere we see people, especially young people, glued to their smartphones, texting, streaming, searching, often missing the world around them. We know that holding these things close to their bodies for hours at a time can cause serious biological harm. Part of this harm could include eye disease and vision problems.

Smartphone Overuse and Visual Impairment in Children and Young Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

“Longer smartphone use may increase the likelihood of ocular symptoms, including myopia, asthenopia, and ocular surface disease, especially in children. Thus, regulating use time and restricting the prolonged use of smartphones may prevent ocular and visual symptoms.”


2) Now a satellite with a strong enough RF signal that it can penetrate walls. We will have even more RFR in our homes, with no way to escape it.

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New Satellite Can See Inside Buildings, Day or Night

A new satellite has been developed that can see inside buildings both during the day and at night….

The satellite is able to see right through clouds due to its synthetic aperture radar (SAR).

Futurism explained that SAR ‘works similarly to how dolphins and bats navigate using echolocation’ and that the satellite will beam down strong radio signals towards its target. It then collects and interprets the signal as it bounces back up into orbit.

It’s these radio signals that are able to penetrate through a building’s wall.”


3) There is major concern about 5G signals interfering with airplane navigation equipment. I wonder what the impact of new satellites with even stronger signals (see item 1) will be.


Plane-Crash Risk Seen Rising on FCC Expansion of 5G Spectrum


Transport Canada wrote to ISED about possible interference by some frequencies by 5G transmitters that could result in tragic events and deaths.

SUBJECT: Consultation on the Technical and Policy Framework for the 3650-4200 MHz Band and Changes to the Frequency Allocation of the 3500-3650 MHz Band

“The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RCTA) Assessment of C-Band Mobile Telecommunications Interference Impact on Low Range Radar Altimeter Operations (RCTA Paper No.274-20/PMC-2073) is clearly demonstrating that 5G base stations present a major risk of harmful interference to radar altimeters across all aircraft types, with far-reaching consequences and impacts to aviation operations. In the worst case, the safe interference limit is exceeded by the 5G fundamental emissions in the 3.7–3.98 GHz band and for the 5G spurious emissions in the 4.2–4.4 GHz band. The potential impacts to aviation operations in Canada, may lead to catastrophic failures, Controlled Flight into the Terrain (CFIT) and multiple fatalities.”

Click to access Robert-Sincennes-Comments-to-ISED-re-Liability-Concerns-with-5G-Interference-to-Aircraft-Onboard-Radar-Altimeter-Equipment-October-13-2020.pdf


or   https://tinyurl.com/5GtransportCan

4) Dr. Devra Davis’s group, The Environmental Health Trust, has been amazingly active, working to educate people about EMR while fighting FCC about their antiquated exposure limit. Here is the year-end summary.

Environmental Health Trust: 2020 Year In Review

“No one could have imagined a year like this. Despite it all, we continued to work every day — prioritizing public health and solid science. Worldwide, communities are waking up to the issue of 5G and advocating toward protective policy.

This year, EHT punched up in a big way — launching a David-size offensive against a Goliath FCC to demand accountability. We sued the FCC to review the science and update its 24-year-old exposure limits for wireless radiation. Our government must provide wireless exposure standards that reflect today’s use of tech, not last century’s.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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