2020-12-04 70+ French Officials — 5G Moratorium

1) A lawsuit won by the City of New York results in fiber optic cable internet service to be available in many under-serviced lower income homes and businesses.

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Lawsuit Settled: Verizon to Give NYC ½ million lines of Fiber Optic Instead of Inferior Hazardous 4G/5G

“The Verizon franchise agreement required 100% of the City upgraded to fiber optics for FIOS by 2014. Verizon did not deliver the goods.

In September, 2020 — 3.5 years after NYC sued Verizon over renegging on its franchise agreement — Verizon’s NYC cable FiOS franchise actually expired. So, the IRREGULATORS wrote two letters to the Mayor — to use this as leverage to get ALL of the City wired….

Verizon’s intention has been to substitute inferior 4G/5G wireless (with data caps). Fiber optic service currently doesn’t have data caps, it has a great deal more speed, is more reliable and is capable of handling a family stuck at home and spending a lot of time online.”

https://www.activistpost.com/2020/12/lawsuit-settled-verizon-to-give-nyc-%C2%BD-million-lines-of-fiber-optic-instead-of-inferior-hazardous-4g-5g.html   or


2) A member of the French Parliament is ready to take 5G to the European Court of Justice to get it stopped. Health, environment and ICNIRP’s conflicts of interest are of vital concerns to many in France.

70+ Mayors, Elected Officials in France Call for Moratorium on 5G

“More than 70 mayors and elected officials from France this week called for a moratorium on 5G technology, as resistance to 5G in France grows. The mayors’ main concern, they said, is that “the health risks for living organisms have not been evaluated.”…

In addition to health concerns, according to an article published in French, the mayors and elected officials raised other issues, including:

  • the increase in electromagnetic pollution
  • the environmental impact of the multiplication of digital flows and additional energy requirements in a period when there is an incentive to save energy
  • the significant increase in the need for rare raw materials for the manufacture of new antennas and new communicating objects
  • the reinforcement of desocialization linked to mobile screens and the risk of dehumanization of society”

70+ Mayors, Elected Officials in France Call for Moratorium on 5G


3) What sounds like a very interesting debate will be streamed live from Belgium on Dec. 7, 10 am-12 noon. There is a 9 hour time difference. If anyone can record this it would be wonderful. Panelists include experts from the Ramazzini Institute and the French Parliamentarian in item #2 above, and Rodney Croft, Chair of ICNIRP.

Health and environmental impacts of 5G



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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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