2020-12-03 Is Google stealing data?

1) Another wonderful ad that has been published about 5G, EMR, satellites… If you wish to share in your newspaper, let me know and I will share the pdf. This could be the only way many people ever learn anything about these issues.

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Global Wi-Fi and 5G — What is the environmental price tag to the Earth and life?


2) Another article by Katie Singer; this one provides a short history of “progress”. Remember how we lived before cell phones and computers, before EHS, before hearing about so many glioblastoma victims?

A letter to Greta Thunberg: how will we define progress?
A Brief History of Electricity and Telecommunications

“Should we try to decrease our dependence on electricity and telecommunications? Is decreasing our dependence possible? If so, what are our first steps? And how will we define progress?”


3) One of the presenters at the virtual EMF Medical Conference, Jan. 29-31, Rob Metzinger, is hosting a free webinar on Dec. 9. More information about the conference is available at:


Rob is extremely knowledgeable and has been very generous with his time, many times providing suggestions or information to those of us in need of help, including me.

Learn the Basics of Radio Frequency Measurement and Mitigation in Your Home

“Join Safe Living Technologies on Wednesday, December 9th at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST) for an informative webinar on who we are and the basics of radio frequency measurement and mitigation. SLT will be using the Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter to measure common sources of RF and identify ways to reduce your exposure over time.”


4) Google appears to be gathering personal data from cell phone users without their knowledge… Perhaps just getting a head start on 5G??

New lawsuit: Why do Android phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with Google via cellular data when they’re not even in use?

“Google on Thursday was sued for allegedly stealing Android users’ cellular data allowances through unapproved, undisclosed transmissions to the web giant’s servers….

The complaint contends that Google is using Android users’ limited cellular data allowances without permission to transmit information about those individuals that’s unrelated to their use of Google services….

The device, stationary, with all apps closed, transferred data to Google about 16 times an hour, or about 389 times in 24 hours. Assuming even half of that data is outgoing, Google would receive about 4.4MB per day or 130MB per month in this manner per device subject to the same test conditions.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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