2020-11-24 An outraged grandfather re. 5G

1) Another letter to Greta by Engineer Miguel Coma about 5G, refuting Huawei’s claims that 5G will reduce energy usage and would be good for the environment.

A letter to Greta Thunberg: questioning Huawei’s Green 5G report

“Greta, this letter has been so full of technical stuff. Still, I have only discussed the most obvious of Huawei’s incorrect claims that 5G is “green.” In sum, Huawei’s suggestion that 5G would reduce climate change is not true. Its report provides no evidence that 5G has a role to play in reducing energy use. The company carefully avoided discussion about 5G’s massive environmental footprint (seven times Sweden’s CO2 emissions). In fact, 5G’s footprint would likely compromise energy savings and reduced carbon emissions targets.

Exploring other information-communication technologies could lead to reduced energy. A new vision of connectivity could emerge, with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased user satisfaction, and true progress for future generations. Our society can reach climate targets, but only if we question the new digital needs created by the industry, and explore truly economical and more sustainable alternatives to 5G. Indeed, I find myself challenged to envision an Internet wherein we replace “smart” endless growth with wise consistent progress.”


2) A moving letter from a grandfather written so that his grandson, when older, will understand the anger his grandfather felt about the world his grandson was inheriting. He speaks for many of us who, similarly, are involved in this battle for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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5G: an outraged grandfather’s letter to his grandson

“Your grandfather is no exception. This proliferation of RF/MW radiation could damage my eyes. I’m afraid that a veil may hide the glow of your face from me. My memory might erode faster too. I, who helped build this country, am afraid of losing track of your name, of being exiled to the land of oblivion.”


3) A good reminder that having metal in or near your body can increase the effects of RF. Not mentioned in this article are metal bed coils and frames. If possible, sleep only on mattresses and other bedding materials that have no metal because it will act as an antenna when you are most vulnerable and your body is recovering from the past day.

Eddie Van Halen Thought His Tongue Cancer Was from Metal Guitar Picks In His Mouth + EMF Exposure — Research Says It’s Possible
Published Research Indicates That Metal Implants Effect Electromagnetic Radiation Absorption Into The Body

“The presence of metal in or near the body can significantly increase a person’s wireless exposure. Metal can reflect and refocus wireless radiation, resulting in much higher SAR absorption rates into the body. The FCC, states, “Electrically conductive objects in or on the body may interact with sources of RF energy in ways that are not easily predicted. Examples of conductive objects in the body include braces, orthodontics and implanted metallic objects. Examples of conductive objects on the body include eyeglasses, jewelry, or metallic accessories.””




Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”    Dalai Lama



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