2020-11-13 Australia’s “captured” agency misrepresenting science

1) The telecoms have captured the agencies in many governments that are supposed to be protecting the public. Instead, we are being lied to about scientific evidence and our health is being put at risk. Profit at any price, even OUR health and that of future generations.  A MUST READ. IT IS HAPPENING IN CANADA AND THE U.S. AS WELL AS AUSTRALIA.

Who is spreading misinformation? — Guest Blog from Victor Leach of ORSAA

I believe what is happening in Australia with governments misrepresenting the science is also happening elsewhere in the world.

As scientists, we are seeking the truth no matter how inconvenient this might be.

In my opinion, non-ionising radiation protection has been compromised globally. The precautionary principle needs to be enforced. There are safer alternatives to having communications taken over by wireless. Consumers need to be given the facts so they can protect themselves and their families. Sadly, this is not occurring. Instead, the telecommunications industry is holding the purse strings, and their ‘IT-will-solve-everything’ agenda is shaping and determining the future direction of the world. Meanwhile government health agencies, radiation protection bureaus, and media outlets have been coerced into believing the hype and misrepresenting the science. Their ignorance on this topic and their willingness to be led by commercial interests means they are abrogating their duty to protect the citizens of all nations and particularly sensitive groups such as children and the unwell. It is my hope that some will wake up and begin to do their duty, before too many more people are harmed.”


2) More information is available about the EMF Medical Conference in January, 2021 at:


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In addition, a free webinar is being offered on Dec. 3 with Stephanie McCarter, MD and Magda Havas, PhD. The link with info and registration form is below. I registered before I copied the link and when I activate the link now my name, etc. shows up on the form. Delete it and insert your own. Sorry.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms, the Scientific Evidence, and Patient Cases LIVE with Q & A

“The Electromagnetic Fields Medical Conference 2021 FREE WEBINAR. Two experts in the international EMF community, who are presenting at the conference, will hold a one-hour online dialogue on December 3rd to share:

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3) This lower court ruling is being appealed to the state Supreme Court because the utilities say that having to accommodate people who do not want smeters due to health or privacy concerns would be expensive. No mention about the healthcare costs when people are made ill or become sensitive thanks to the radiation.

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Court rulling throws Pennsylvania smart-meter plan into turmoil

“The statewide deployment of millions of wireless smart meters has been thrown into turmoil after a court invalidated Pennsylvania’s policy that requires electric utilities to install the devices on all homes and businesses….

… the court’s order requires the PUC to consider “all reasonable accommodations,” including turning off the devices’ wireless function, installing them away from customers’ homes or putting in a wired, not wireless, device.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”        Alice Walker



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