2020-11-01 Croft, Chair of ICNIRP, a psychologist

1) Unbelievable that such biased, corrupt, unqualified people can have so much influence and power over government agencies that affect our lives. See the quote attributed to Chair of ICNIRP, Rodney Croft. In the article, you will learn that he has no qualifications whatsoever to be in a position to determine the level of EMR to which we are exposed and was “educated” in EMF by ICNIRP.

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Multerland on ICNIRP’s new chairman, Rodney Croft


2) For our members in Winnipeg. a reminder that the poll and survey deadline is Nov. 6.

TIME SENSITIVE – By Friday Nov. 6 – if you don’t want a mini-cell tower by your home, tell the City of Winnipeg


3) Currently, our data is being stolen and our privacy is being invaded with little or no consequences to those responsible. As more devices and appliances are connected to the IoT via 5G grids, unless there are strong protective measures put in place, the situation will get worse. A group is trying to raise awareness via this petition. In it, and the links it contains, there are just a few of the recent invasions.

Our Privacy is Broken

–  LifeLabs pays ransom after cyberattack exposes information of 15 million customers in B.C. and Ontario – CBC
–  Yahoo! data breaches – Wikipedia
–  Life after the Ashley Madison affair – The Guardian
–  Equifax to pay up to $700M in U.S. to settle data breach, but Canada is not included – CBC
– Medical lab loses thousands of B.C. patient records – CBC
– AggregateIQ will not face financial penalties in Canada after investigation finds it broke privacy laws – The Globe and Mail

https://action.openmedia.org/page/53803/petition/1?locale=en-US    &



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.”            George Orwell


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