2020-10-19 French Green Party helps slow 5G roll out

1) A technical person told me that CREST (Capital Region Emergency Service Telecommunications) is the term for the emergency service in limited areas on Vancouver Island.

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I am not sure what other areas are calling these towers/networks but from all of the info below, it is apparent that this system has been in the works for a number of years. The term P25 has been used in Vancouver [https://crest.ca/p25-system/].


2) Yes, the First Responders’ network will communicate with FirstNet, meaning it is highly likely our data will be merged with and available to every agency that accesses FirstNet’s “services”. Now we have a better idea of the bigger picture explaining the push for first responders’ system that will be an integral part of the 5G grid, which will make our personal data available internationally.

“FirstNet for Emergency Communications: 6 Questions Answered

“What do other countries do about this problem?

Because of the close relationship between the U.S. and Canadian broadband services, Canada is creating a Public Safety Broadband Network using the same frequency spectrum and protocols as the U.S. so that agencies on both sides of the border can connect to each other easily....”

“FirstNet is supposed to last 25 years. What does that mean, and how will it happen?

As broadband wireless technology improves, our devices and networks will too, including FirstNet.””


And a YouTube from 2015 that states that data will be shared, there will be no border regarding this technology.

Connecting Nations: FirstNet and Canada’s Public Safety Broadband Network

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoI2M5WEoxo&feature=emb_title  (2:34 min.)

Security Weaknesses in the APCO Project 25 Two-Way Radio System System by University of Pennsylvania – November 18, 2010: https://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=&httpsredir=1&article=1990&context=cis_reports


3) Members of the Green Party in France are drawing attention to the dangers associated with 5G, demanding a debate that would help educate the public. In a recent election, the Green Party’s message resulted in victories in several major cities and has caused President Macron to slow the implementation of the 5G roll out.

France’s 5G plans fuel divisions over environmental and economic impact

“The recent 5G spectrum auction that raised $3.3 billion for the French government might look like a win for a country still mired in the destructive economic and health effects of the pandemic. Instead, France finds itself at the center of increasingly divisive debates over the economic, political, environmental, and health implications of this next-generation wireless technology.

Even as the auction heated up in recent weeks, a block of 70 left-wing elected officials called for a moratorium on the deployment of 5Gciting a range of concerns.

“5G deserves a real debate,” Bordeaux Mayor Pierre Hurmic, who was elected this summer amid a wave of Green Party (EELV) victories across France, said in an interview on RTL radio. “We must indicate what are the dangers of 5G because there are dangers.”

But environmentalists’ concerns extend well beyond the health debate. They point to reports that a typical 5G station could consume 3 times the energy of a 4G station. That figure doesn’t take into account the projected massive increase in connected objects that would be continually gathering and transmitting data.

Environmentalists’ basic question is this: Has anyone mapped out a plan for producing all that energy in a sustainable way that won’t accelerate global warming?”



Mayor in Alpine Silicon Valley Wants France to Hit Brakes on 5G

“For Eric Piolle, the mayor of the Alpine city (Grenoble) and a rising star in the country’s Green party, making sure these companies have access to 5G communication networks is not a priority.

“We shouldn’t just jump on a new technology for the sake of it,” Piolle told Bloomberg in an interview. “We need to pause, and look into the impact 5G will have on the environment.”…

They can’t veto 5G outright, but French Green officials told Bloomberg they’ll go to court to block the issuance of construction permits and will ban antennas from public buildings.”


4) It would be wonderful to have momentum like this in Canada from one of our major parties.

One of our members has been working to educate members of the Green Party about 5G and is preparing a policy proposal submission re. EMR/RF/5G/Safe Technology, due Nov. 3. 20 members in good standing are required to support the submission. She asks for anyone who is an active member or is interested in supporting this effort to get their membership ($10) and to contact her with their name, email and phone number. When her policy proposal is finished, she would be happy to share.

Contact:  Lorilcurran@gmail.com


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