2020-10-14 Your home could be a hotspot.

1) In Germany, Vodafone uses homes as Hotspots and this map provides information about specific spots.:


A member who is from Germany looked at an area of Hamburg where he grew up. At one point, there are 25,000 hotspots. He counted more than 100,000 in the greater area. Vodafone will disable the Hotspot transmitter upon request.

I searched for information about Shaw’s Hotspots and found this link (with no date) that brags that Shaw has more than 450,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across WESTERN CANADA. There could be more than this now depending on when this announcement was made. I suspect that Rogers and Telus also have many hotspots on our homes.

How many homes have been made into a commercial center for one of these telecoms and don’t know it?


On another website, I found a lot of info about Hotspots that we all need to know. Here are just some samples:

What is the “ShawMobileHotspot” WiFi network?

  • We are now leveraging a feature on Shaw Internet customers’ Hitron modems that broadcasts a secondary WiFi network from a single home modem.
  • This secondary WiFi network is accessible by Freedom Mobile customers to keep them better connected.

Why is Shaw enabling this secondary WiFi network?

  • This feature creates a secondary WiFi network for Freedom Mobile customers that helps to keep them better connected.

Who has access to this secondary WiFi network?

  • This new secondary WiFi network is accessible by Freedom Mobile customers, giving them improved indoor coverage through a network of WiFi hotspots broadcast from Shaw Internet customers’ home modems.
  • This feature benefits Shaw Internet customers by no longer requiring them to give their private network information to Freedom Mobile customers who happen to be visiting.

Which modems are now broadcasting this secondary WiFi network?

  • Shaw’s Hitron Advanced WiFi modems are now broadcasting this secondary WiFi network.
  • The XB6 Advanced WiFi modem is also capable of broadcasting this secondary WiFi network, and is expected to launch at a later date.
  • If you have disabled the feature on shaw.ca, your modem will not broadcast the network.

Will my home’s location be shown on a location map for hotspots?

  • No, your home’s location will not be shown on any hotspot        location maps.

Will broadcasting a secondary WiFi network impact my modem’s power consumption?

  • We anticipate that the secondary WiFi network will have     minimal-to-no impact on the power consumption of our customers’ modem.

Will I be compensated for having this feature enabled on my modem?

  • We are not offering compensation for enabling the feature. Shaw Internet customers who wish to have the secondary WiFi network disabled on their modem can do so at any time by visiting my.shaw.ca, navigating to the “Internet” side bar tab and clicking the ‘disable’ button under “Shaw Hotspot.”


2) Rogers is laying the groundwork for full blown 5G, ready when people are willing to buy new expensive devices just to be able to download movies and music a minute or two more quickly than they can now. We all know that there is an agenda behind these efforts that the telecoms will never share — getting access to our data, for example.

British Columbia’s Largest 5G Network Reaches Over 50 Towns and Cities Across Province

“Rogers Communications today announced it is expanding its 5G service on Canada’s most trusted and reliable network² to reach residents and businesses in over 50 communities in British Columbia and 130 across the country. Today’s expansion is just in time to support the latest 5G devices so customers in these locations on Rogers Infinite and Rogers for Business Shared Unlimited Data plans have access to the very best in wireless technology on Canada’s first and largest 5G network.”


3)  All the telecoms ever show in ads are the “benefits” and convenience of having wireless devices. We know some of the costs, primarily the costs to health and to the healthcare system. But what about the costs that go into making and delivering the actual device, environmental costs and costs in lives? For those who profess to not care about EMR and the health problems associated with EMR, share this information. Perhaps they will care about these costs and the resultant problems that their children and grandchildren will be left to handle.

Test Your Internet Footprint IQ

“Dear Greta,
I thought I’d make this letter a quiz. It’s the best format I know for introducing some of the Internet footprint’s invisible issues.”

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4) A good partner for Katie’s letter above is this challenge from Arthur Firstenberg — to stop using a cell phone. Many of us can remember the days before everyone was looking at cell phones instead of watching their kids play, enjoying a walk through the forest or having lunch with friends. Even if you don’t use yours much, you are supporting the telecoms that are polluting our environment. If you must have a phone for emergency use, please consider never getting a new one. Each phone that is replaced puts more junk that will last for decades, if not longer, in landfills, oceans, etc. resulting in even more pollution. A few (very few) of us don’t have cell phones. Sure, it’s sometimes inconvenient but it feels good.


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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”     Aldous Huxley


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