2020-10-08 Could govt. be sued for use of property for transmitters?

1) Re. item 4 in last night’s update [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-10-07-devra-davis-responds-to-fccs-lies-in-legal-response/] about the UK government financing OneWeb, a company with an application to put 48,000 5G satellites in orbit. Governments need to be aware of financial exposure when they become partners with telecom companies; for example, by allowing microcells to be put on public property. This lawyer is warning California. I don’t know if there are laws similar to the “Doctrine of Fixtures” but telecoms in Canada are indemnified from being held liable for damages so long as the emissions are below SC 6. This potential liability is something that needs to be figured out because it could be an argument against using public right of ways for microcells and public property for cell towers. What about schools for Wi-Fi?

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The State of California faces liability for damages sustained from Senate Bill 649

“It is well established in publicly available records and news reports that the reinsurance industry has refused, for decades, to insure or even defend manufacturers or carriers or others in telecom against lawsuits on behalf of persons claiming to have been injured by cellular radiation exposure. Therefore, the Telecom industry, now the largest dollar industry in the world, is on the high wire without a net. The industry likely has no insurance for injuries from cellular radiation, and it is not the proper job of the People of the great State of California to insure industry for that exposure.” pg. 5


2) ICNIRP’s illogical and irresponsible decision to maintain the current exposure guidelines (which Health Canada, FCC and others use to justify theirs) and to extend them to 5G milliwave frequencies is questioned by Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski.

An Open Message to ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft

“In the spring 2020, ICNIRP has published a revision of the 1998 safety guidelines for the exposures to RF-EMF.

The message coming out of this revision of the guidelines is loud and clear. In ICNIRP’s opinion, the 2020 ICNIRP Guidelines provide health safety for any user exposed to RF-EMF, no matter of age status, no matter of health status, no matter whether exposures will be acute or chronic, that will last a lifetime:…

“There is no harm associated with 5G”

“Look it’s very true that the amount of studies that specifically look at 5G are very limited, but from a science perspective that just isn’t relevant.”

Please, kindly explain this extremely puzzling statement and please, let me know, what scientific studies were used by ICNIRP in preparation of the Guidelines that assure human health safety while the sufficient scientific research has not been performed.”


3) Testimony on “Smart” Water Meters by Theodora Scarato, of EH Trust.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9zFG5HpXX4  (19:28 min.)


Please read from the bottom up.

From: “citizensforsafertech” <citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca>
To: “info” <info@evidencefordemocracy.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 3:06:33 PM
Subject: Re: [Canada] Dr. Mona Nemer Reappointed

Kimberly, I will celebrate Dr. Nemer’s appointment when I receive a response to my email about the threat of EMR and, specifically, cell phones to the health of Canadians, especially children. I wrote to her some time ago asking why cell phones were still on the market after having been found through independent testing to exceed the emissions limits set by Health Canada, but have received no response.

Science is important and in many instances Health Canada has been allowed to ignore or lie about good, peer-reviewed science about wireless radiation, Is it not Dr. Nemer’s job to ensure that this doesn’t happen? To date I’ve seen no evidence that she has addressed or is interested in addressing this issue. Despite the current unrelenting proliferation of cell towers and the building of the new “5G Grid” which will require 100s of thousands cell towers right outside homes, forcing us to be exposed to higher levels of microwave radiation everywhere we work, play or live. there is nothing regarding this major public health problem on her list of upcoming projects

If you have a means of communicating with Dr. Nemer I hope you will share this email with her. I would be very happy to introduce her to world-renowned experts who could educate her on this topic.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC


From: “Kimberly Girling, Evidence for Democracy” <info@evidencefordemocracy.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 9:41:17 AM
Subject: Dr. Mona Nemer Reappointed

Three weeks ago we sent our open letter urging the government to safeguard science advice by protecting and growing the role of Canada’s Chief Science Advisor (CSA). Last week we heard some great news – the role of CSA has been renewed, and Dr. Mona Nemer has been re-appointed! On October 1st, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Dr. Nemer would remain in the role to “…continue to promote science and its benefits for Canadians, and provide impartial scientific advice to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Cabinet.”

What does this mean for science advice?

This announcement signals that the government prioritizes the importance of science advice in federal decision-making. Dr. Nemer’s reinstatement will allow for continuation of the progress she and her office have made over the past three years, will help maintain momentum on key initiatives like open science, COVID-19, and scientific integrity and will help ensure government decisions are informed by the best available evidence.

While this is a critical step in the right direction, there is more work to be done to ensure Canada has a strong landscape of science advice moving forward. Dr. Nemer has been re-appointed for a two year term, compared to the previous three year term and there has still been no indication that the federal government will enshrine the position in legislation. This means the office remains vulnerable to future cuts or changes in government.

Just today, the office of the CSA released their annual report looking back at the 2019-2020 year. In it they include a list of priorities for the year ahead, a number of which touch on our recommendations. In particular, we are happy to see continued focus on an evidence-based response to COVID-19, an ongoing commitment to the implementation of Scientific Integrity Policies and the Roadmap for Open Science, and expansion of the network of Departmental Science Advisors. These, along with a number of other planned initiatives, are critical steps towards strengthening the landscape of evidence-based decision-making in Canada. Our open letter provided additional key areas where the CSA could contribute to science and evidence-informed decision-making. We hope to see updates to the CSA mandate to reflect those outstanding recommendations.

Over 2000 members of our community signed the open letter and nearly 500 of you sent emails and tweets to key decision-makers calling for urgent action to safeguard science advice. Together we sent a strong message to the federal government that science advice must be prioritized moving forward and we are so glad to see this important step towards that goal. We are continuing to engage with key government stakeholders to push for our recommendations to be implemented and we look forward to seeing the next steps for the office of the CSA. Stay tuned!

Thanks for all you do.

Kimberly Girling
Interim Executive Director
Evidence for Democracy

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