2020-10-02 Barrie Trower on 5G

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2) According to Dr. Don Maisch, the Netherland’s Health Council, like Health Canada and the FCC, has long denied any health effects associated with EMR, but now they are not quite as emphatic about the safety of 5G. I wonder if this is due to reconsideration of existing scientific evidence or pressure from the public.

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The Health Council of the Netherlands advisory committee on 5G and health

Effects of 5G frequencies on health not yet fully examined

“To a certain extent, 5G uses the same frequencies as previous generations of mobile telecommunication such as 3G and 4G. In addition, it will use new frequency bands. The rollout of 5G networks has only just begun. Therefore, there are no studies as yet into the health effects of (long-term) exposure to electromagnetic fields with the frequencies that are reserved for 5G.”


3) Barrie Trower is a very interesting and dedicated man who has been involved with getting the word out about the dangers of EMR. He has a history in UK intelligence and warfare and knows firsthand how dangerous this is. I have not watched this particular YouTube yet but will. Barrie is very generous with his time. He has been kind enough to speak with me a few times — he does not own a computer, and also answers letters.

Barrie Trower on 5G at the Exeter Phoenix

(1:50 hours)


Files of Barrie Trower on 5G at the Exeter Phoenix – March 05, 2020 – https://www.5gawareness.com/downloads/1390-2/

4) 5G Winnipeg Awareness has an online petition, for Winnipeggers only to sign, asking for a moratorium of 5G. A great webpage with lots of information about 5G, Health Canada, etc. If you have friends or family in Winnipeg, please encourage them to read this and sign.


The online Stop Wireless 5G in Winnipeg petition is now available on our website for Winnipeg residents 18 years and older to sign. The petition will go directly to Mayor Brian Bowman and all City Councillors. After signing, you also have an option to send a message to them to say that you have signed, as well as an option to sign up to receive updates on the petition from us.

If you have already signed a hard copy petition, please also sign this one.



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