2020-09-29 Another apparent cancer cluster near cell tower

1) There have been many cancer clusters in the vicinity of a cell tower, and another appears to have developed near a school in New York. The Ramazzini Institute studied, for 10 years, emission levels similar to those in our immediate environment today, far lower than those studied in the NTP Project. The Ramazzini study confirmed the findings by the NTP — increases in glioblastomas and schwannomas of the heart. Yet nothing has been done in the US or Canada to protect children, pregnant women, the disabled or the elderly (the most vulnerable members of our society) from exposure from wireless radiation, regardless the source. Instead, more cell transmitters, both macro (cell towers) and micro, are being approved and allowed to enable the 5G grid.

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Health Expert Cites Cancer Cluster and Starts Petition to Remove T-Mobile Cell Tower Next to Playground

“A T-Mobile cell tower looms next to a playground at Lakeside Elementary School in Merrick, New York.

On Saturday, September 26th, health expert Sara Lobato and mother of two, began circulating a petition calling for the removal and relocation of the tower, citing a study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program and a study from Yale University that both found clear evidence of biological harm associated with exposure to wireless radiation.

The petition also discusses the emergence of a cancer cluster among people living in close proximity to the cell tower….”



“We are petitioning T-Mobile for the removal and relocation of its cell tower adjacent to the Lakeside Elementary School playground on Dorothy Court in Merrick, NY

Since the installation of the T-Mobile cell tower, at least eight individuals residing in the immediate area have developed aggressive cancers.”



2) Debra Greene, of Keep Our Power in Hawaii, sent an email, which is in Letters below, asking for us to sign 5 petitions that pertain to 5G, all of which have a deadline of tomorrow (Sept. 30). It’s easy to do, and I hope you will consider adding your names.

3) Debate is going on about time averaging of higher frequency signals, like the milliwave frequencies proposed for 5G. One person, Ken Foster, has a long history of supporting the industry, reporting for example that there is no problem with children being exposed to Wi-Fi in schools. For once, the FCC seems to be taking a stance that would be more protective for the public by considering a shorter averaging period for higher frequencies. Foster is supporting the industry’s request that the FCC allow a longer time averaging of pulses. When reading this, know that it is the peak that does the damage, not the average. Dr. Havas told me once to think of it like a tomato in your garden in the Fall. The radio forecasts that the overnight low temperature will be 2 C. so you don’t worry. But, in fact, even though the average temperature was 2C, for 30 minutes it was -1. The tomatoes were damaged even though the average temperature was just fine.

5G Waveforms in Dispute

“Ken Foster & Niels Kuster Disagree on Averaging Times…

The FCC put forward shorter averaging times for signals at higher frequencies —dropping down to 1 second above 95 GHz. These are detailed in the table below. In contrast, the averaging times in the ICNIRP and IEEE standards are as high as 25 minutes.”




Ridiculous restrictions are placed on us in opposing 5G. We can’t testify about health effects, relevant science is ignored, the FCC safety guidelines haven’t been updated since 1990’s.

Many ask: What can we do?

Here is quick and easy action you can take, thanks to the 5G Crisis group. Click the link for a one-stop-shop to 5 important petitions to stop or curtail 5G deployments.

They’re all in one place for easy signing. Takes 3 minutes. Go for it!

Here’s the link: www.5gcrisis.com/petitions

Hurry! Deadline tomorrow (9-30-20)!



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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