2020-09-26 French telecom workers warn about 5G

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Anti-5G demonstrators to march to Lake Loveland, form human chain linked by telephone wire on Saturday

“Opponents of the rollout of 5G will march to Lake Loveland on Saturday and form a human chain connected by a 1,000-foot-long piece of telephone wire.”


2) Amazing that telecom workers in France are fighting to have 5G stopped. They have grave concerns about the damage it will do to the environment. In the first article, there is a short video of what I believe is the massive rally in Lyons calling for EMR to be classified as a true carcinogen. I am trying to get access to the leaked memo and will share it if I do.

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“According to Bloomberg News: Dissent at Heart of Telecom Industry Undermines France’s 5G Push by Helene Fouquet and Ania Nussbaum, September 18, 2020:

“A group of employees of Orange SA called repeatedly for management to scrap the rollout of 5G services in memos circulated to colleagues on the Plazza social media platform. The memos, issued in October 2019 and in May of this year, said the technology will be unprofitable and will damage the environment, according to three people familiar with their content.””


Employees at France’s Biggest Phone Company Undermine Country’s 5G Push

“In Europe, like in the U.S., telecom companies have been capitalizing on the economic devastation created by policy choices in regard to COVID-19 to present 5G as the economic savoir and those who object to 5G as a threat to the economic recovery. A recent Council of the European Union report expressed the importance to “fight” the claims of 5G health effects while the courts of these countries have consistently ruled for plaintiffs who have become sick from wireless, both for those who have developed microwave sickness and cancer. Hundreds of scientists filed an appeal to the EU calling for a moratorium on 5G quoting potential devastating effects to people and the environment.”


3) In the US and Canada, the FCC and ISED have policies that limit the input of municipalities and the public on just about every aspect of cellular devices; and in the US, they want more: the right to turn homes into cell towers. As per an article in an update a few days ago, many telecoms are using homes’ Wi-Fi as hot spots — making our homes part of their commercial enterprise without our permission, knowledge or compensation. If this OTARD rule goes forward in the US, it is very likely it will happen here, too.

Please consider signing up to send this letter, although be warned: I did and had trouble because it wouldn’t accept my postal code. I have asked for this to be corrected. We must stay alert to similar policy changes in ISED.

OTARD Rule Change — No Escape From 5G

“The OTARD rule, an acronym for over the air reception device, was adopted as part of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. This rule prohibits local municipalities from restricting the installation of satellite dish antennas and other antennas on private residences for reception of TV signals. This rule was amended in 2002 to allow for transmission, but with the caveat that the antenna had to be used primarily for the use of the tenant or homeowner.

At industry prompting, the FCC has proposed a change to the OTARD rule that would cover wireless “hubs.” This would allow the industry to turn people’s homes into cell towers, and since this would be done on private property, it effectively circumvents the need for companies to meet local zoning and environmental requirements. If your neighbor agreed to accept a fee and turn their home into a cell tower, you could do nothing about it. The limited tools that citizens have to keep dangerous levels of microwave radiation out of their neighborhoods would disappear.”


4) In the US, FirstNet supposedly has been like CREST in BC, for first responders. But it seems as if it is expanding its role well beyond that, but using its role as being necessary for first responders to get the regulations and “red tape” eliminated for new towers.

FirstNet Asks Congress to Cut Red Tape for Tower Builds

“FirstNet is not only helping first responders communicate in regular disasters, the broadband communications platform is also boosting communications needs in hospitals and other healthcare locations during the pandemic. Officials told Senators on the Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet Subcommittee Thursday that FirstNet is making good progress on deployments as laid out in its contract with AT&T.

FirstNet is half-way through its initial five-year schedule. Jason Porter, senior vice president, FirstNet Program at AT&T, said the carrier finished installing Band 14 capability about a year early. He and FirstNet Executive Director Edward Parkinson agreed deployments lay the groundwork for 5G….

Porter agreed the pandemic shows the importance of broadband, including in rural areas. “Our biggest challenge is gaining access” to sites, he said, “whether it’s at state local, state or federal level. It can take years to gain access…to dig a trench or build that tower,” especially in rural America. He asked the subcommittee to streamline the access process and procedures for rural buildout.”



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